Saturday, 29 November 2008

Smiley Saturday

So what made me smile ...our special date.

  • The Date update - It was great. Really !

The venue was at Loxley On Bellbird Hill and it was just the two of us in '1864' a private dining room overlooking the lights of the Hawkesbury. Only at the start all we saw was fog and mist. Then suddenly the clouds rolled away and the fog cleared to reveal the twinkling lights on or rather down the hill.

I took my camera but forgot to take photos of the food eager to eat LOL.

For a quick starter we had a chicken on skewer with a chilli dipping sauce.
we had a choice of two meals for the three courses- we had ..

Entree ~ lamb loin with baby beetroot and two scallops
Main ~grilled Barramundi with potato gratin , brocolini and snowpeas
Dessert ~ DH chocolate fondant pudding and orange icecream (with choc and some liquer)
Me - Raspberry pannacotta, kiwi fruit with white choc sauce (a drizzle)

It was superb ...someone came out to apologise because the head chef didn't cook it but we would never have noticed.

We both had a single glass of wine (Dh Merlot) and I had Stony Peak chardonnay . We thought we had to pay for this and were quite happy to but at the end of the meal they said the wine was complimentary and so was the coffee. Hooray !

Gentle music played and there was the occasional roar of laughter from a wedding reception in a nearby building.They were having a lot of fun.

It was a very pleasant meal and so nice without the interruptions of our delightful children. The meals were fresh,tantalising and served in a timely fashion .The staff were attentive and gave us privacy too.

We gave Mum a bottle of wine for her services. She had the boys bluffed and they went straight to bed ... we want her here every night.

  • Also , my cousin K gave birth to her 2nd daughter, Emily Rose yesterday and it was a VBAC. Another reason to smile a precious baby arriving safely. I am so happy
  • The kittens are still doing well.
  • One more day and I survived
Advice of the Day
  1. Don't go shopping when you are hungry'll buy too much (I went at 7am this morning before breakfast . hmmm)
  2. Send thank you notes to a business whose staff give good service (we will)
  3. Never underestimate the power of a kind word or deed no matter how trivial . Be generous in praising others it cost nothing.

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Amy said...

That sounds like a fantastic date!


kirke said...

That sounds amazing!

Thanks so much for stopping by and offering such beautiful words of encouragement.

Kristin said...

That sounds like an absolutely heavenly evening. Glad you got time to enjoy each other.

womb for improvement said...

Sounds perfect.

M+B said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. I'm so happy for you both :-)

PlanningQueen said...

The food sounded delicious. It is so nice to spend time alone with the partner!

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