Thursday, 6 November 2008

13 Stress Relievers

Need a little bit of Calm ...don't try it all in one day !

  1. Guided Imagery like this
  2. Journaling ... blogging
  3. Sex (I didn't write this)
  4. Laughter( Lol Cats and dogs are a good start)
  5. Music Therapy & Listen To Music
  6. Take a Walk I have been every day
  7. Plant a Garden - I love my rose garden
  8. Eat a Balanced Diet
  9. Enjoy Aromatherapy ..stop and smell the roses or a dab of Lavender
  10. Reduce Caffeine Intake
  11. Drink in Moderation
  12. Don’t Procrastinate
  13. Learn Assertive Communication Skills
  14. Sign Up For The Free Weekly Newsletter For Ongoing Stress Relief Support!.
Read more advice here

Assvice of the day
  1. Pray ... talk to God it works for me !
  2. Dance to your favourite music ...when doing the housework or to drown out the kids' noise.
  3. Take to the waves for real ...sea air, salt water the sound of waves and the wind in your hair all contribute to a growing sense of calm.I hope this is where I am right now if things went to plan ...thank God for scheduled posting.

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