Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Picture yourself ...

Ko Poda Beach
Ko Poda Beach,
originally uploaded by Kalabird.
Picture yourself ...on an idyllic island.
See yourself on the sun-drenched and bleached white sands.
Gaze in awe at the blue,blue sea.
Imagine what you are wearing, the relaxed way you are lying , or walking on this beach at sunset.
Feel the breeze flowing through your hair.
Hear the soft roar of gentle waves lapping the beach.
Note the calm smile on your face ...
now this is where I want to be.

Now imagine yourself ...what it feels like to be there (0r is it here?)
Seriously... tonight, I am feeling blue. I heard today ~ last Tuesday a precious little boy was born too soon and his family had to say goodbye~ too soon.
Nothing prepares you.
It's life shattering.
I feel for his family and their friends.
Unimaginable grief.
Heartbroken , dreams and hopes stolen away.
I wish I could reach out and hug them and cry with them.

I remembered also it was almost 12 months ago we went to Fraser Island- OMG my babies have grown so much ... including their hair. I cannot imagine life with out them and yet I do live my life without their sister. I never imagined I would.
She is missing , she is missed and I wish no family ever has to go through this.

November 2007 -Fraser Island Queensland

I wish I could go back right now.
Advice of the day
  1. Stockpile beautiful moments - write them down, take pictures or blog about it . Go back over something every day... especially when you feel sad or blue and in need of a 'happy' .
  2. Cherish your children for what they are , not for what you would like them to be ... spouses too. Hug them more often than they deserve.
  3. Put love notes in the Spouse's lunch box. Love notes cost nothing - but the smile it brings is beyond price...

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