Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Screwup Tuesday ...

Bettina started this meme and I am playing today

Screw up 1.

Friday night I ordered 2 Pizzas from HERE - I sent DH, my cousin M and 14yr old to pick them up .They were also going to get a DVD which is in same complex. I say it will be $14.50

They return home with 3 pizzas and I quiz them.
He insists "they said you ordered 3" - I say I didn't .
I open the boxes to dig in quick and only one of the 3 pizzas is what I ordered.

I quiz them more ... Dh said he asked did they have another order for xxxxxx (insert our surname) because he thought I said 2 too. They said no we only have one order for xxxxxx. DH thinks oh well,takes, pays and comes home. The price was almost same $14.90.DH nevers argues on price (even if he remembered I said $14.50 - I would argue over 5c) . He also didn't have his mobile to call and check. Unusual for him not to carry it.

I jump immediately on phone to complain while scoffing down pizza anyway. They aren't sure what happened - I badger them for a credit for next time on my favourite which is missing.

Pizza is all gone 5 mins later ... they start to gnaw read the box lid and talk about the promo . I suddenly notice this ...
uh huh ...

I ask them why they went THERE - instead of HERE

THEY thought I had called THERE (because of the vouchers that DH had brought in with the mail) even though I knew they were going HERE to get a DVD too.

Funny thing is that THERE had pizzas for xxxxxx ready at that exact time and that we beat them to THEIR pizzas .

I bet that the other xxxxxx family were curing THERE's screwup !!! over THEIR pizza's.

In case your wondering I did not ring back HERE - because I was still rolling on the floor laughing my @rse off - we all were was so embarrassed and I am a tightwad - cause they owe me a free pizza ... makes up for the other times when it was cold and crappy.

SCREW UP 2 ...I saved the best for last ... murphy and karma visit ...

DH was outside Saturday and tiding up the Brothers' toys and backyard.

I was inside doing paperwork on my computer. I go outside to check what they are doing ... procrastinating.

DH is mowing the lawn... actually he is kneeling by the grass clippings.

I notice S is sans glasses . I ask where are S's (new 1 week old) glasses.
As I approach DH meets me at the clothes line (not for a kiss)... he opens his wallet and starts laying
in my hot , itcy palms . Then a tatty piece of hat elastic ...

I no comprehendo ...

I look puzzled ...

Then the four hundred dollar bomb penny drops ...

After much WTF "$#@%&^*(#@!%^&*($#@%&)^*(#@!%^&*($#@%&^*(#@!%^&*(*)"

We I kick search the clippings and find the expensive lenses ($120 worth - scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses designed to last to withstand the rough stuff - hello ? does include the lawn mower) but no frame ($159) ...still !

It's now Saturday afternoon -shops are shut - so I create these from the Baby Banz sunglasses by popping out the sunglass lenses and inserting the other lenses. Just to make do till I can rob a bank get back to the shop.

The shop screwed up -the first pair broke after 4 weeks and were slightly small in temple /arms -kept pushing his ears forward , the 2nd pair barely a week old were the replacement but slightly too big in temple so glasses were sitting on his nose and loose - so S kept taking them off. DH didn't see them in the grass ...

So my screwup was blaming DH... and saying a lot of negative things and blowing my 30 day encouragement challenge ...

I am still investigating a new pair -this time I am getting Titanium ones like these Easytwist.

I should have read this information first too.

Totally my screw up ! but shhh don't tell my DH !

Revive our hearts
Day Eight:

"...but who can find a faithful man?" Prov. 20:6b

My husband is without a shadow of a doubt faithful and true to our vows !

Enough said - he is still here after 20 years -18 yrs married.

How am I going with the "30-Day Encouragement Challenge"? In case you've forgotten, here's the challenge:
* You can't say anything negative about your husband ...to your husband...or to anyone else, about your husband.
* Say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband...to your husband...and to someone else, about your husband!

Meh .. a few screwups as I mentioned above but still working on it.
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