Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year ... where has 18 months gone

My little guys are 18 months old today ... can someone please tell me where the last 12 - no wait - 18 months has gone.

It has been a joyous year, though it seems a year that passed in the blink of an eye. A few countless precious memories were made, with an endless parade of triumphant and spectacular firsts ... first proper words,first foods, first crawls, first steps,first climbs and falls, first birthdays, first teeth and first bites and first reciprocal hugs.

I am sorry to say goodbye to my twins babybabyhood ...I saw a newborn at the hospital when visiting my SIL and oh, how clucky I felt and deeply sad. I yearn for another baby or maybe it is the yearning for my daughter who I didn't get to know.

I feel a little awestruck that I was blessed with twins but at same time sad that each son did not enjoy all my devoted attention and I had to share so many cuddles when it could have just been me.I could have enjoyed each as a baby separately and not just at the same time. Selfish? perhaps but if you have twins or more you might know what I mean.

I rarely got the time to capture the memories I wish I had ... though blogging has helped me journal a few.I wish I had taken more photos too.The pace has been thick and fast. A whirlwind of days and sometimes sleepless nights.

S & J have reached out and touched so many hearts, grasping at the world with now not so small hands pulling down and wrecking all our stuff . They are demanding of much love and attention but within reason.The joy they have given us in return a hundredfold ... and more than I ever imagined.

As the New year is on the horizon their attempts to communicate are becoming clearer. They are no longer babies.I am looking forward to them being more independent toddler but with a few regrets... as long as it doesn't happen too fast.

The laughter flows all day along with food and spills on the floor and our cup overflows not to mention the laundry with the love and cuddles they return unconditionally.

Do you wonder, like I do, what hopes and dreams God has in store for 2008 ?. I have a long list in my head and in time they will be revealed.

Tomorrow, or the day after I hope to write my letters to them ... when my husband returns to work and my SIL & BIL, & MIL leave. My SIL is visiting tomorrow before she flies home to Queensland- since she didn't get much time to catch up being in hospital.

Today, we did a lot of rearranging of the furniture and finished cleaning up 'Christmas'. It was exhausting but it all looks good ... don't ask me how long it will last with the two tornadoes but hopefully we have them contained again.

I am also pleased to have made it to 18 months of breastfeeding. As long as I am still BF I feel they are babies.


Kellan said...

I am the mother of twins - you know - so I know the regrets you expereiences about feeling like there are never enough hugs or kisses or enough time alone with the babies. But ... my twins are now 15 years old and let me tell you ... there will be so many hugs and kisses and time - you will not look back with any regret - it it one day feel as though it was all just - simply perfect! Having twins is such a blessing and it is worth all the pain, lost sleep, lack of time ... you are lucky my friend! I am too!

Happy New Year and Enjoy - I hope it is the best year ever! Kellan

childlife said...

18 months of breastfeeding twins is just awesome - you are Wonder Woman! : )

And you know, if it makes you feel any better, I don't think there is a Mommy on the planet who doesn't at some time wish she could have done more. I think it's partly because no matter what the circumstances, it flies by so fast that you just want to grab onto it all and slow it down a little.

Just the fact that you are aware of how fast it goes speaks to your wonderful mommy heart! Your little cuties are going to grow up with treasured memories aplenty!

Hope you have a wonderful year this year!

Tracey said...

Happy New Year Trish. I wish you another year of happiness, triumphs and personal growth. Congratulations on keeping up the BF...that's a huge achievement and one the boys will appreciate in the future.

I think it's natural to wonder if we do 'enough' for our kids. I only have one, and I still wonder. S & J are two wonderful, confident, outgoing little boys. Their little eyes shine with mischief and intelligence, so I think you must be doing something right!

As always, thank you for sharing your family. It's a pleasure watching the boys develop, and hearing all your news. I hope you SIL makes a full recovery!

Tammy said...

I know what you mean about how time flies. My son is 3 today and it just seems like yesterday he was a baby. They grow up too fast.

tiff said...

Oh Trish!
I hope 2008 is so wonderful for you and M and all your boys.
I know what you mean about the cluckiness, I know too about wanting to spend more time with each twin individually but I also know that your love is so big that S & J & D have all that they need and more for when there are tough times.
Happy New Year to you, my friend

Wendy said...

I know what you mean. My little guy turned 2 in November, and I could just about cry. I can't believe my daughter will be 1 in June! (I probably will cry then.)

I, too, wonder what God has in store for us this year. I guess my prayer right now is that, whatever it is I'll be ready for it. Whatever comes your way, may God grant you much joy, peace and abundant blessings this year. Happy 2008!

Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

18 months, huh?? Let the CLIMBING begin!! When our babies were 18 months old, I remember thinking they weren't babies anymore. But, when I look at pictures of them now - when they were THAT age - I realize just how small they were.

Enjoy every minute, as best you can, because it certainly seems that the second 18 months have gone even faster than the first. And the first six months with my newborn?? Those have whizzed past at an unbelievable rate.

Happy New Year!

Loz said...

One of the best things you can do for your kids is make sure you save this blog in word format so one day they can read it.

Robyn Jones said...

I know what you mean about missing the babyhood...My little guy turns a year next week...and I cried when I thought about it...He has been such an absolute joy and blessing in our lives...we don't want him to get bigger..I am starting to ween him next week too...with the goal of having him completly weened by 18 months...:(

C said...

What a wonderful post! You are certainly blessed!

Vanessa said...

I too am the mother of twins so know what you mean when you feel like you can't devote enough time individually.

My girls are 12 now and while it seems like such a long time since they were babies as they grew and became more independent I'd find that I'd have a lot of one on one time (and even more so now as they are getting older)

Oh and way to go on 18months BF I lasted for 12 and that was it - course that also had a lot to do with having a 2 1/2 year old running around as well - seemed he'd figured that when I was feeding it was a good time to act out cause it was hard to catch him :-)

Shana said...

Happy New Year! I am sure that you will have tons of blessings from the Lord this year!!! :o)

frog ponds rock... said...

Thankyou Trish I really enjoyed reading that..

cheers Kim xxx

baby~amore' said...

Thanks Kellan for your encouraging words. I am looking forward to that.Yes we are lucky.

Childlife - thank you I hope your year is wonderful too. I couldn't have got this far without my DH's support. Times does fly when you are having fun.

Tracey your kind words are much appreciated. Thanks SIL flew home Wednesday.

Tammy Happy belated birthday for your little boy - what a great day to have a birthday -party every year. Happy birthing Day to you - that must have been a great NY's eve 3 yrs ago.

Tiff- thank you my friend - and back to you.

Wendy -thanks for the blessings and I hope they return tenfold to you.

Jen - LOL the climbing began before than could walk. I saw the beautiful letter/pictures post you did of your precious boy.

Loz - great advice I will do this asap.thank you

Robyn - I see you have teens too and toddler grandson as well - I will drop by to see the birthday celebrations on your blog. Good luck with weaning.

Hi Vanessa - welcome -your blogging blog is very informative and thanks for the encouragement.I love to hear from other twin mums that is all gets better.I can't imagine a toddler on the loose while I nursing two - though when I feed singly here they do enough damage if not contained.

Shana, C & Kim -thanks for your kind thoughts.

I am trying to respond to all my comments this year - better late than never.

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