Monday, 31 December 2007

A little bit of this and a little bit of that ...

Tonight ... in 30 mins time we farewell 2007 and greet 2008.

The babies are finally asleep after a chocolate fuelled evening and late afternoon nap. We dropped our tall,lean manboy, D, off at my Aunt's to give us him a break. So they napped on the way home and woke at 6.30pm ... not good.

We had a few days away on the NSW Central Coast near a weedy fringed but serene lake. I didn't get much of a rest. I haven't water-skiied for 3-4 years but the boys did.The little terrors didn't stop and with a balcony to climb over , things to trash and a lake nearby I was on my toes literally but it was a change. They fell asleep in the boat.

I came home to over 130 plus posts in my Google reader and I just finished them all.Plus a few new updates today.

I promise I will catch up with you as soon as I get five hours minutes to spare.These festive season gigs are so exhausting, especially when you get to be host/hostess for two jam packed days ... so much to do, so little time and especially with my still breastfeeding twins in tow.

It took us 4 hours to pack for a three day trip. We got home last night .Today, we just through the unpacking after the trip stage of our too short holiday and then the Christmas and Boxing day mess we left behind on the 27th.

Well the DH did a lot of it. Three trestle tables and 20 chairs to pack away, rearrange furniture, washing, hanging it out,cleaning, washing the floor, and vacuuming. I 'd rather not mention the new toys plastic crap that somehow, somewhere must be incorporated into our overflowing household already full of more than enough toys.

On a more serious note on the afternoon of the 27th after a few hours of braving the post Christmas sales my SIL (from Queensland) slipped on the embankment down the back of my Father in law's and broke her ankle in 3 places. The ambulance was called - and she was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Once there she was offloaded to a wheel chair and waited for ages to be seen and x rays ... then once the fracture was diagnosed she was transported to another hospital for surgery... at 2am in the morning But ...

There she languished for 3 days before they operated to pin and plate her fractured ankle~ yesterday. Her surgery was cancelled so many times for other emergencies.Understandably a few Caesarians. Only they starved her so many times and then had no food to offer her.

Today, she was discharged. She ( & her hubby) missed her flight home to Queensland (Sat) but hopefully with Jetstar's compassion she may get a refund. She will now be off work for 6 weeks. She also just spent 2 weeks in Cambodia on a Christian mission too.

So what will 2008 bring ... I have 42 resolutions one for each of my 42 New years and a rehash of my 43 things. Stay tuned ... if it doesn't bore you. It's a work in progress.

I still feel a little deflated ... the anxious and joyous anticipation of Christmas, barely 7 days ago - gone. The Christmas tree ... to go~ tomorrow. The excess of food ... gone - the chocolate ... NOT gone (I got an extra stash tonight at half price). The Sales ... do you think I am crazy who takes 1 yr old twins shopping. I can't leave them long enough because of breastfeeding and the fact DH can't do much with them awake. Heehee - I think he understands why I don't achieve much in a day.

So 2007 is really gone, gone and going in about 2 mins.

Happy NEW year to all my blogging friends and thank you to my faithful readers. I am curious to know who you all are.

I am committing to so many resolutions but they definitely may conflict with my DH's . The computer and Internet/blogging is an issue to be negotiated till I win arguement discussed.

My commitment to a new diet is strong but I am weak. It's really no wonder I feel accompanying 'mixed' seasonal emotions and a little defeated.

Bring in on - 2008 a new beginning.

I will do my 2007 roundup tomorrow and my New Years resolutions asap... I am open to suggestions except by my husband.


Wolfie said...

wishing u & ur family a wonderful 2008..!!

Kellan said...

That last line was so cute! You have been very busy - goodness! I'm glad to hear that your SIL went home finally - poor thing. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I also hope to see lots of you in 2008. See you then. Kellan

Badness Jones said...

Happy New Year! We've still got almost 7 hours to go....and I guarantee I will not be awake to ring in 2008 in style. Oh well...that's mommyhood!

Swistle said...

Happy New Year!

Veronica said...

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2008, may it be a good year all around!

childlife said...

So sorry your SIL had such a rough end to the year! Hope 2008 is better! Happy New Year : )

baby~amore' said...

Thanks Wolfie - cheers to you too.

Kellan - she was able to fly home Wednesday evening. Hubby dropped them off at the airport. I have you on rss so I don't miss a post.

Badness - happy New Year ~ yes mummyhood beats a party anyday.

Thank you and many cheers Swistle, Veronica and Childlife to you and your precious families.

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