Sunday, 27 January 2008

Funny things I <3 - Scrolling Sunday (just for today)

Secret Agent Mama - posted this yesterday - Scrolling Saturday (sorry I am a bit late)
Melissa at Such Simple Pleasures and Coleen at Manners and Moxie have introduced a new “meme“. Basically, you just go back in your archives, dig up an old blog post, repost it, and let it get some new love! Hope you enjoy this flash back in time.
So , maybe I have a lot of few posts that I can repost or then again maybe I just tell you about them or link them or maybe not. I iz lazy and time poor sometimes.

Yes, I should be doing something else but have you seen thiz site.

I wrote a post on it here but no-one commented - is it just me that wants at least ten one person to comment. Someone wish I could remember to thank them wrote a great piece about whether we blog for ourselves or so that others will read & comment. I sit on the fence. I journal about things that interest me , my twin things and my precious boys. I have a lot of stuff I want to blog about but haven't - slowly I am coming out of my deep dark shell to reveal my innermost thoughts and anxieties.

I don't have a potty mouth (LOL - here at least but don't ask my teen *eek* or the neighbours double *eek*) , I don't blog too much about my ever so perfect husband (no - you can't meet him and no you can't have his email address .I haven't shown him how to use the computer on purpose) and save for happy snaps of my little boys my photography talents are hit and miss - lucky and just as well they do lots of cute things for me to blog cause I wouldn't be doing Blog 365.

I crave comments like I crave chocolate LOL. I try to make genuine comments on lots of blogs but sometimes I feel very discouraged that they don't return to visit me - even some I know are only small blogs. I am getting paranoid that maybe no-one is really interested and my comments aren't worth it either. I see who visits me sometimes in my widgets but many don't comment. I am thankful they care to visit at all - so please drop in again. I am baking a Banana Walnut Caramel cake tomorrow

Well on to brighter and funnier than I stuff ...

'Crikey' - in the immortal words of Steve Irwin it is funny and Google page rank is 7 /10 so obviously a few people <3.
Lolinate you blog here - mine won't work at the moment *sigh* it was funny b4.

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

thanks again Andrew - an administrator on the Aussie Blogs forum- for sharing this link.
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