Monday, 28 January 2008

Feels Like Sunday

Today has felt like Sunday all day. I am so grateful for the long weekend we had in honour of Australia Day.

Today we got so much done in our garden ... still under wraps our own little Backyard Blitz. Sans Jamie (who has jumped to fame in USA thanks to Oprah) - who needs JD when you have my DH. Nice eye candy but what is the use if you can't touch or sample.

Yesterday Hubby worked his cute b u t t off getting things ready but by the time we got home from Church and had lunch half the day was gone.Then he had a spa and some daddy time with S & J.

So he was up early 7am to get cracking while it was cooler. I helped a his labourer... a bit later.

Then we had the afternoon off to go skiing about 3pm . I didn't ski today the water was too mucky and I suffer badly from ear infections so I gave it a miss.

S & J love the water. J fell asleep in the boat again-then when we got him out he stayed asleep upright in Dh's arms ...

then we laid on the ski tube and he still slept , then we loaded the tube we gear because the tide had come in and we had so much stuff to carry back to the cars.Nothing woke him - not the shrieking kids (cousins) nor other motor boats nor the waves (boat wash) ! *sigh* I wish the creak of the door wouldn't wake him at home.

Tomorrow ... Dh & the Teen are off to the Central coast for work and they are leaving early and will be back late.

I might not get much time to blog till the boys go napping ... anyone want to take them out in the boat ?

Ps - if there any water-skiiers out there with a Ron marks Mustang 2 - we are looking for one for a friend.
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