Sunday, 23 September 2007

The Poem

The candles are lit,
but no song will be sung.
No laughter, no glee, of my little one
who would have been three.

If you only knew the plans
that would be made by your dad and me
The cake to be baked...
The presents wrapped...
and all the funny party hats.

The pictures taken by your dad,
or course,
As loving friends fill the house.

All of this is not meant to be,
since you were taken away from me.
No birthday cake...
No presents unwrapped...
No pictures of you in your party hat.

But the candles are lit,
Never go out.
For they burn forever in my heart.

Author unknown

this was the poem I found two years ago and originally sent to my friend, Jacqueline for her angel ~Ella' . I couldn't find it again, so she emailed it to me but my computer couldn't open the file when it was her birthday. Today she emailed it to me again.