Sunday, 23 September 2007

Everyday is not the same...

or is it ?

I am stuck in a rut,while I am loving it - not working full time (LQTM)- What is that you say ? is there ever a mother who doesn't work full time).Let me rephrase working full time for a wage instead of love.

My daily daytime routine consists of ministering love & cuddles and meeting the needs of my two delightful boys S & J ( in other words I am their slave). Oh I have help, a part time teen slave D and my some-time man slave DH.

My day starts late ... oh about 4-5am I begin feeding my masters their milk straight off the vine. Then we snuggle down again till 7.30-8am.

We do the nappy, dress, breakfast routine ... maybe the nappy thing twice (means x 2 babies a second time)!

I wash (well actually the front loader washes I just put them in and hang them out) the modern cloth nappies ... this I admit I do gladly ...still the novelty hasn't worn off in nearly 7 months.

We play ... lately the gorgeous spring weather means outside for an hour. If I am lucky I get to sit down and BF at the computer (YAY !) or I work (play) on computer while they play.

We snack (me all day) the babies at random intervals depending on the volume of the whinging and what I need to do.
WE change nappies (though I say we I mean I ).

I clean ...when I feel obliged ,when I can stand it anymore, or when company is expected ...or when I feel that DH needs a break. I usually wait for the slave boy to come home to start moving (him) -after all it is my job to train him up for the benefit of his future wife.

The babies are just so slow at folding clothes ...

We play some more , I BF some more , we eat some more , they trash a few more things and I change a few more nappies. There is no routine. The only break in our routine is Monday when we go to a multiple playgroup for 2 hrs.

Urrgg today the slave boy is still on a RWO (rostered weekend off) and the man slave has gone to work on a rare Sunday (to paint the ramps, with undercoating primer, for his work truck and install a new CD player).

Today we are expecting company - my Mother-in-law.I have to get moving by myself ... lucky the kitchen is clean man slave cleaned it up after he made me breakfast in bed (well I ate it sitting on side of bed). I just have to pick up the rollerarounds the babies have scattered from one end of the house to other ... they are so dangerous underfoot.

Actually , we do usually go to Church sometimes on Sunday but lately we have been sick, had a family do, the Bridge opening, and just been so full of other excuses I can't remember actually. Today, I planned to go, (new church starts at 10am - 1 min up the road by car) it is now 9.50am and there is still time but no way would I attempt it myself with two babies. You can't take pram into the tiered seating auditorium and I wouldn't leave them in the creche upstairs and no point going and sitting in there.

okay ... time for nappy changes ...time to tidy up ... time to drag myself out of this chair. I could sit all day and read blogs actually. I am addicted. It is also satisfying to find other people think like me. I guess we can't all be crazy.

I read, I should be thankful I home to clean [means I have somewhere safe and warm to sleep], dirty dishes (means I have food in my belly [OK lots of food] and cupboards) and laundry to do [you get the drift -clothes to wear] and a family to wear them I should add ... someone to love etc etc.

Yes, I am truly thankful I have a nice home, lovely boys, good husband and lots of snacks but my stash of Chocolate is running low and I ate all nearly all the sour worms yesterday.

Milestones ... I read it my book that because of a shocking memory we should joy down milestones and achievements of our children.Not that I am hung up on the competitiveness of it -just for them when they are older and for me.

Things I noticed in last few days ...

S - knows the lounge is softer than the floor , if you want to lie down on and cry for mummy (when mummy is busy feeding J actually)

J - turned the TV on and up loud ... then waved the TV remote at me . I asked him to bring it to mummy and HE DID !

S- he is getting closer to walking , took a few steps just holding one hand today.

J- that walking means now you can chase mummy faster down the hallway crying when she races off to the loo or put your sleeping brother to bed (then wake him).

J - starting to get the idea of feeding himself with a lot of help.

S - who cares about eating - but he knows the rustle of a baby rice rusk packet and puts his little hands up immediately

J - ripping the Reader's Digest magazine is sure to get a rise out of mummy - grrr and then he gives it me - when I yell - give that to mummy ! I really don't care if ripping paper is good for fine motor skills son.

J- first but then both climbing from/over one arm of lounge chair to other is good fun.

S- with bottom teeth you can grip hold real good of mummy and if you bite she yelps ! He hasn't quite bitten me hard on nipple yet but he did bite my finger -ouch !

Both standing on the lounge gives you a good view out the window and when planning what to do next.

The recycling bin is full of fun things to play with no matter how many expensive toys they have.

Right now ... that the wooden venetian blinds make a cool noise when you bang your hands against them,standing up in the cots - even if Mummy really, really wants you to have asleep before Nanny comes. Else, we will be cranky and Nanny will give her 2c worth ...

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tiff said...

Aww, you need to come and see us!
We have chocolate and sour wormscan be aquired.

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