Saturday, 22 September 2007

Sleep Sharing ... Saturday

what is missing in this photo ... ME - see that gap between S & J that is where I sleep (or close my eyes and pretend LQTM*).

We have a side car bed but they only sleep there sometimes. J does more often than spent half the night there.. till he snuggles up close and wants a BF. S sleeps between us - so he can self service the milk bar anytime he wants or else. I am not ready to night wean them.I enjoy BF and I accept that missing some sleep for now is okay.

They are fairly good sleepers and not too restless or sprawling. J thrashes about a bit when he loses the dummy ( I like binky -sounds kinda cute) but on whole we don't have too many sleep dramas.

Anyway, this morning I was able to carefully ease myself out of bed ... so I could shower and wash my hair quickly before the boys woke. They looked so cute. As I contemplated going to get a camera my DH was already on same page ... and was there camera in hand.As uploaded the photos to computer I found this one too... a rare night they both were sleeping on side car bed.

*I learnt a new abbreviation LQTM (laughing quietly to myself)