Friday, 21 September 2007

Thorns n Roses

... it's okay the bleeding has stopped ... and the scratches will heal !

Today I tackled ~Charlotte's~ overgrown rose garden. Sadly it has been a bit neglected of late. The Potato vine (a creeper with white flower used to cover walls or fences or for screening) had choked a few of the roses and the Gardenias.WE never got around to pruning this year either.

Charlotte's Garden is so beautiful in bloom ...and we created it with love in memory of our dear daughter ~Charlotte~. Her 'Charlotte' roses

were looking lovely today despite our neglect. Charlotte's Garden is almost 3 years old .The roses have bloomed and blossomed.

I had to trim a lot of new buds but I have a bucket of roses. We love to sit out here on spring/summer evenings, relax and chat... Many a time we cried out there.

I was a bit savage today and I did a huge prune. I hope they recover. My DH had to bring home new gloves and new pruning shears. They worked a beauty. The ute was covered in thorny stems and pototo vines.

I have lots of scratches, a few sore spots and a few prickles no doubt ... time will flush them out. I feel very pleased that I achieved something worth while today. Tomorrow DH will give the vine a trim with his hedge trimmer.

editted 22/9/07 to add my vase of Roses