Monday, 24 September 2007

my 43 things ~what do you want to do with your life ?

After my woeful post on everyday being the same ... I finally finished my list of 43 things - read my list here .

It was a goal in itself to go from 2 things on my list to 43 in a few hours.

Okay the truth be told I copied a few other peoples 'goals' and changed a few to suit myself.I needed the inspiration of others and now I need the encouragement to get cracking.

I really should have read these tips first on How to choose achievable goals but I can always overhaul my list.

I see this list as a trial run & practice for no.2 on my list (101 things in 1001 days).

Today I also noticed something new - Challenge yourself - at least it is only one goal at a time. Perfectly achieveable for me .

So now I am off to start targeting my 43 things.