Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Free stuff ...

today the new Rouse Hill Town Centre (stage one) opened and there were lot of giveaways.

When completed in March 2008 it will have largest floorprint of any shopping centre in Southern hemisphere ~ apparently.

Yes - you can still get some things for free ...

bananas ... to remind me I parked on Yellow level (clever idea) - orange level (got oranges but they ran out before I could sneak out there). I saw a few people munching on green apples (so I am guessing maybe there was a green level or maybe they were just being healthy)

4 Carmello Koalas & 3 Freddo Frogs (I think Freddo was stalking me ... or maybe it was me *wink)

Donut king donuts with blue icing and sprinkles courtesy of ANZ bank (if you open an account with 5.5% interest -you also get a free piggy bank)

Green enviro bags ... Coles gave me 6 (or depended on how much shopping you had) & Woolworths 1 (thanks this helps me on my 43 things goal)

$5 gift voucher from Coles (for spending over $45)

Choc Mint flavoured choc top topping (the kind that sets hard on icecream)

Some hair shampoo, cuticle treatment and conditioner samples in a little tube from Hair warehouse.

Numerous taste tests that both the boys and I enjoyed.

Balloons ...

Plus some great specials and huge savings. I spent almost $300 but I still forgot to buy the boys custard though.

The shops were packed and I spotted a few twins too - two sets of girls .

Hooray, Woolworths had a twin trolley (actually with one baby seat & a toddler seat) and grrrrrrr to lady with one baby who took had the twin baby seat trolley with just one baby - what if someone else really needed it. Selfish !

I didn't get a good look around so I will be going back very soon.