Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Free Stuff # 2

Sorry, I have chronic blogger diarrhoea ,so I must explain my WW. Unfortunately later , I discovered I had been overcharged $3.25 yesterday (I bought 2 boxes of 100 tea bags but was charged for 3).It isn't so much the $ but the principle. I had to search out the phone number because being opening day it wasn't on the receipt. I rang to explain (complain) and a refund was promised. So I went back today for my refund, amongst other things and mostly to beat the cabin fever.Coles then gave me $6.50 refund and when tried to tell her because I was honest - it was only 1 box overcharged she said it didn't matter ... so extra bargain.
I also opened a new bank account for S & J and I got a voucher for a free coffee, plus Michel's were giving away small pieces of chocolate cake mmm. Mind you I had to ask ANZ for the free piggy bank and beach ball.

My free loot today ...

  1. 2 lollipops'
  2. small bag jellybeans
  3. another $5 gift card from Coles
  4. 3 more green enviro bags
  5. 5 donuts
  6. 5 green apples
  7. 4 bananas
  8. 2 balloons
  9. cappuccino & cake
  10. blow up ANZ ball
  11. ANZ Piggy bank
  12. 2 Plaster of Paris (that S & J helped me paint hehe)

The Pink Carnation (flower) was from yesterday

Update from yesterday - yes it was Green apples for the Green car park .The ones I got given today were the most delicious Granny Smiths#1 ( I ate 2) I have had it a while.

Hooray - Sammy ate some banana - a first - normally he spits it out.

We also checked out the free children's play area "The Backyard" .Complete with fake grass and lots of interactive things - it was pretty cool but better with walking toddlers.The Parents' room was good too ~ I could even wheel the twin stroller into the large toilet cubicle -which had a large and a toddler toilet. S & J will enjoy shopping in the future.