Monday, 10 January 2011

Grateful ~ Friends

I missed posting on Saturday.It just felt wrong to me , on a few levels, after reading the incredible support being rallied for Lori.

Each time I tried I couldn't find the right words to say (write) because the thing I was most grateful for was my beloved husband and family. I felt so guilty for the times I've been less than loving and haven't been so tolerant of things lately beyond his control.

Today I am grateful
  • That I'm able to watch and be awe inspired by the online community ... I know some people don't get it , our online friends we have never met that matter so much . Still thinking of Lori and her family today and #praying for Tony.
  • For a surprise catching up with my friends from over 22yrs ago, essentially because of a FB chat with another friend. A lot has happened in 22yrs but they still showed the same warmth and generosity, gave the biggest hugs, and have same laugh out loud sense of humour.
  • Even better they live in the Central West rural community we are moving too and that makes my heart sing. We will have friends.They have adult children but a dozen grandchildren and another 2 on the way so they love kids.Their home looks like a creche with oodles of toys/books/bikes and trampolines. My small boys loved visiting them. They are such special people who love God and his people to bits.
  • For unconditional love of my special husband, my dearest friend, whose strength in all the challenges we have faced in the last year continues to lift me up every day.
So, what's making you smile today?
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