Thursday, 25 September 2008

Thursday Thirteen and I won a prize !

Computer Shortcuts ...
  1. Take you to the start of that line - Home
  2. Take you to the start of the document - Ctrl (control) + Home
  3. Take you to the end of that line - End
  4. Take you to the end of the document - Ctrl + End
  5. Create a new document - Ctrl + N
  6. Insert a page break - Ctrl + Enter
  7. Decrease font size - Ctrl + Shift + <
  8. Increase font size - Ctrl + Shift + >
  9. To change lowercase text to ALL CAPS - Ctrl + Shift + A
  10. To insert a date field - Alt + Shift + D
  11. Delete the word before the cursor - Ctrl + Backspace
  12. Delete the word after the cursor - Ctrl + Del
  13. Double-click to highlight the word the cursor is in
One more because I am superstitious and I like even numbers
14.Triple-click to highlight the paragraph the cursor is in

PS I stole borrowed the idea for this from  Sally Ann.She is one of the brilliant organising girls @ A Good sort ...she got the idea from Donna-Marie at Small Business Diva.

I knew a few of these but I always forget the basics.To make a line like this type hr then add these < > remove the spaces  ! 

I also won this set of Drawer Organisers from Sally Ann  & Tricia @A Good sort.
Though my camera refuses to let me download the pictures right now!!!
Now  ... if I just have  a few minutes to reorganise my drawers. 

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