Friday, 23 November 2007

Two years ago today 23rd November

two years ago today I posted this message on a parenting forum I was actively involved in ....

I really appreciate all your encouragement ladies - I still have light cramping on/off ....





a line


pink - don't want to say it myself

lines -in fact

but it is very early days - and I am so anxious .Yes it was @ 5.20am but I have barely slept since 2am waiting and waiting - OM Gosh - yes thanks God !

Going to try and ring my clinic at 6.30am to have an early beta*[*Beta is IVF speak for a blood test to check the HCG level which indicates pregnancy]

I woke DH to show him - but you are among the first

then this ...

I am back from having my beta - emailed them , rang and left a message at 6.30am then rang at 7.30am and receptionist asked nurse and she said come if you want.

Saw the blood lady and then the other nurse who came to check out why I didn't have a form (blood group form - which I know anyway so didn't need ) said "umm - when was beta for ?" - Monday [20 days after OPU - egg pickup]
" might be a bit early "
but 2 positive HPT [home pregnnacy test]with 2 different brands can't be wrong.

finally this @3.13pm
My beta results 448 [Big fat positive =pregnant]
I never thought I would be posting this

Even right now I can remember at the time wondering if it was too good to be true. I also suspected and the general consensus was there was perhaps 'two' not just one baby because the HCG level was higher than average 448 - when normally the clinic likes to see 100 and my beta was a day early.(the nurse told me off for this too)

Now as watch my little boys playing , laughing , alternatively grizzling at me or growling at each other my heart wants to explode with joy.
I am so,so thankful.

Ps ... right now the phone rang it was DH saying he was ready for me to order Pizza. I left the gate to their play pen area open in my haste to answer the phone.
In the fews minutes it took me to order takeaway Pizza on the phone, J stole my camera (I had snapped a few pictures of them ) - I put the pizza girl on hold... , then they trashed my clothes drying rack (nappies actually) and nicked all the pegs off .Then, when I resumed my posting they got into the bathroom started to unroll the toilet paper and threw the pegs they stole into the bathtub. LOL . Chaos reigns and I love it. Most of the time !

Twelve months ago ...

The difference a year makes

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