Saturday, 24 November 2007

A New Prime Minister

Australia has a new PM ... Kevin 07 Rudd ... and we all hope he isn't a dud. (ps I copied these. I am so unoriginal)

We were out tonight with some twin friends and unconcerned for the most. There were a lot of sad faces around the TV in the children's play lounge at our local entertainment club.

The outgoing PM even lost his 'seat' today .He must be very disappointed after a very long political career.

On my 21st Birthday party July 11th, 1987 we had a federal election

One guy used Bob Hawke's (the Prime Minister)election poster as his face- it was a fancy dress party .There were ripples of unrest ... boo ... as he walked through waving like a PM does LOL . By the end of the night (yes people were watching the counting ... like watching grass grow back then) there were a few long faces and a few cheering. Labour retained government.

We voted today at the local school were our son attended. The highlight of our day was the bargains we nabbed at the claytons 'GARAGE SALE' - a few huge boxes of junk - well good junk mind you.

Maybe a 100 Books for the boys to read (or rip) $2 , a used HP printer/scanner $3, a new solid core door(though narrow) $20 and a variety of odds and ends ...$10 - we gave more because our twins will attend this school one day and it is a lovely school. All for a good cause.

Our eldest sons Kindergarten teacher, Miss R, (probably in her 30's) is still at the school (she was an election scrutineer or something -they get paid $300 a day I am told). We told her to look forward to S & J. .. in 4 yrs time (OMG my babies are growing up so quickly)

I will post some pics tomorrow of my treasures.


tiff said...

Yes, let's all hope that Kev baby doesn't muck it up.

Sounds like you got some good deals!

Mel said...

Let's just say that I'm very happy today. Time for Labor to strut their stuff and show 'em how it should be done. Now if only someone would spend some money on health and education, I'll be ECSTATIC.

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