Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 7 - Unique Christmas Gifts List

Thirteen Unique Christmas Gifts

This Christmas I want to give something truly meaningful - gifts of life ... with these special gifts we can celebrate the real meaning of Christmas and help some of the world's most vulnerable people.
To help them overcome a little of their poverty , take control of their future and make a practical response to global inequity.
I know it is also tax deductible in Australia but that isn't my reason.

From TEAR Australia
  1. School supplies $5
  2. Mosquito Net $10
  3. Tree seedlings $10
  4. Fuel Efficient stove $15
  5. Safe water $20

    From Christian Blind Mission international
  6. A goat $15
  7. Cataract operation for an adult $32
  8. Braces Shoes and Crutches for a child $19

    From World Vision Smiles campaign
  9. Immunisation in Northern Sudan $25
  10. Food for children where it is needed most$45

    From Oxfam -unwrapped
  11. Chickens $10
  12. Fishing Nets $30
  13. Soap $10
I believe in spreading the gifts in my basket LOL . Each organisation has so many more gifts for you to chose from.

We support two children regularly through World Vision but this it something extra that means more than another wrapped gift under my tree. I have an 'excess' amount of stuff already .

Update ... all my list has been bought ...well on credit.
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