Monday 12 November 2018

Hunt and Peck

Can you touch type ?
Not me , not really.

I'm more of two-three hunt and finger pecker.

This is my grandfather's first typewriter.
I remember being given this at 21 years old. Not so much to use but keep.
I own it and it still works.

I'm quite fast as a finger pecker.
However - I've been inspired to give touch typing a go for 30 days or longer.
Brain training and all that.

After 3 days of 30 mins or more, I can feel and see a basic improvement.

Pathetically slow but mostly accurate.

They recommend that. Master accuracy before speed.

This is the program I'm using. It breaks it down simply and keeps a record of my progress. Sam tells me he has an account from school , but he wasn't using it properly when I checked him.

After I master the skill - it will be the task of the twins to learn over the school holidays in preparation for Yr7. 

Yeah I know, like weren't they just starting school the other day. I remember the excitement and anticipation.

It starts again ... orientation letter arrived today 27th November.