Tuesday 7 February 2012

10 degrees of separation and seeing double.

I still feel a bit overwhelmed about my babies starting school yesterday. I started to write a post, and then I could feel too many emotions bubbling up .

It only seems like yesterday I was peeing on that little white stick after our second IVF cycle (third attempt).

Ten degrees of Separation -

  1. My twins first day at school was fabulous. They posed for photos at home and then at school - a bit subdued –The bell rang and they gave us a wave and a quick hug. In they ran and settled down to play on the mat in the blink of eye. 
  2. We hovered outside watching through the window other parents were still inside. I just had something in my eye as I saw another little boy crying, his mother hovering , looking helplessly about for someone to do something.
  3. As we were leaving the grounds the Principal recognised us and mentioned they had five sets of twins starting that morning . The local paper was coming to take photos ! The rate overall, about 1 in 80 births in Australia is a twin - so they have 5 times this - with 80 kinders.
  4. It was only then a few tears spilled. They made the front page today . They had 3 boy/boy sets, 1 Girl/girl set and 1 Boy/Girl set spread over 4 kinder classes .One set per class with 5th set separated at the parents request. One boy set are identical bare a freckle. 
  5. I noticed after I got the paper –the other fraternal boys I know of already. My boys and I met their mum and her twins in the main street one day last year. I thought she said they were going to school elsewhere. I still had her number in my phone so I sent her a message.
  6. A lady I met in the Blood bank today knew the Girl/Girl set and mentioned one little girl had dwarfism – I haven’t noticed (at school or) from the photo . You can’t tell exactly in the photo. The lady saw me glassy eyed, gazing over the paper - so that is why she mentioned it.
  7. I discovered today two other schools in Sydney also had 5 sets of twins starting school this year – wow !
  8. Sam and Joel had a lovely day and as we left the school by a side gate , they were playfully pushing each other – the Principal was on gate duty –He recognised Dh & I (again) smiled , and said THEY were lively boys. They were apparently the only ones climbing the play equipment , just outside the classrooms, where the group photo of the 5 pairs of twins was taken.
  9. They proceeded to mishandle and pull on his tie OMG  – double trouble the first day ;). I am pleased he is such a lovely friendly Principal and didn't mind. It was a McGrath Foundation tie , I may not have noticed otherwise.
  10. When we asked what they have learned last night – they didn’t say much. Over breakfast something came up about SITTING DOWN ...no ooo they didn’t learn their ABC’s but the 5 L’s.
I was surprised they remembered - I am guessing maybe not 100% in the right order.

L- Legs - cross them and sit on the floor
L-Lap – hands still in your lap
L- Listen
L- L o_O K
L –Lip – zip your lip
They told us in stereo, each, a bit mixed up.!

In other news - I am very relieved I was able to change an appointment at Westmead Children’s Hosp for Sam on Thursday till Monday 13th when he had already another appointment at the Eye Clinic . Saving us over 728km/10 hrs - driving trip. Not to mention 2+ tankfuls of petrol . My husband already has to travel to Sydney to work this week for 2 days.

We will stay overnight with family when we go. Need less to say - I would have taken him to both appointments if I had too. Now- I can attend the Kindergarten information session on Thursday and he doesn’t miss two days of school in his first week.