Monday, 2 November 2015

Cheating on Joe - Eat a Rainbow

Saturday it poured with rain.
Netflix was calling me to the couch and I stumbled across Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead whilst flicking through the movie titles.

I started then and there on Saturday.

I survived Day 1[Sunday] , half of Saturday was a trial run.

Day 2 - I'm off to good start with the last of the vegies in my crisper. Carrots, Sweet potato, apple, stick of asparagas and half a bag of green leaves.

No need to show you a pic of my 'green' juice. I'm sure you've seen hundreds on instagram.

I must confess I've cheating a bit. I just can't give up my white tea. No sugar.

Last night two small bites of meat jumped into my mouth.
No whine wine.

I've resisted everything else [so far] and I know I can do it for 5 days or so.
I need to move the dial ; pelvic surgery [so no exercise for 5-6wks] and a week long cruise with unlimited access to food. Enough said.

I am the heaviest I've ever been , except for when 35wk pregnant with twins. My clothes are tight.
My knees will cope better if I can lose a little weight.

The wanky mason jar and stainless steel straw makes it taste better.
It's actually very tasty. Though it's the first time I've ever juiced sweet potato and asparagas.

I'll have the healthiest dogs in town with all the vegie pulp.

Joe lets you use the 3,5,10 and 15 day plans free and this infographic. He is very inspiring and a good guy .

It's not just juices , there are a few salad recipes, apple bake and even sweet potato fries. He ha dme at Sweet potato fries.

Benefits of Fruit and Vegetable Colors

May the horse be with you - I don't really follow the Melbourne Cup. Like Kirsty I don't get the fuss.
Mr Ed - I love him.

I must confess I don't want to know if I poop a rainbow like a unicorn.

I Must Confess