Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Will Power ...of plants

So I'm keeping it real - it is actually not too difficult.
Day 3 and I'm still on the juice wagon.

The hardest thing is cleaning up the mess from juicing and prep to make the juice.

I am enjoying the juices and still eating a vegetable meal of steamed vege at night with the family. I made a huge bowl of fruit salad too for the kids and I.

I need to pay more attention to detail in following the juicing recipes. There is so many different varieties. I just chuck in whatever. Then I chugg it down.

My juicer looks like this

I've had my Oscar Neo for 3yrs. I bought it to juice during chemo and I'm glad I'm using it again. It was a big investment in my health back then.

Then I got busy and lazy.  I ahven't used 1/4 of the features.

Truth be told I am probably doing more of this 10 day plan 

I have an idea that 5 days of juicing - 2-3 days normal eating in moderation then start juicing again for 4-5 days will work best for me.

Yes, my stomach rumbles and it took all my will power not to devour the last 2 chicken kebabs the family were eating last night.

Bread ...I didn't eat the crumbs this morning and my husband even asked me if I wanted toast. Luckily he wasn't toast.

Juicing 'Hump' day is half way over and I will see it through.