Sunday, 20 September 2015

Mangoes, Melanoma, Minted Old Gold and The Book of Life - I must confess

Morning , Noon or Midnight ?
The posting time should give this away immediately 11.23 pm.

The legacy of being a shiftworker and an avid reader as a child and teenager (ok always) ... I confess couldn't put the book down and would sneak a torch under the covers.

[Though wickedly now, it includes the checking of Facebook before bed and being lured into clicking on links]

Responsibilities, as a more experienced Registered Nurse or in charge of shift, meant I often finished my afternoon shift later than some of my colleagues (who nicked off by 10.45pm). So the 11pm shift finish was more like 11.30pm Then I had to drive home , arriving home after midnight and needing to wind down. I still preferred afternoon shift as opposed to getting up at 6am, especially after going to bed often at 1am at least once a week - the quick shift.

Even now I rouse at 6am only if it really suits me join the Vixen's running group , Personal training (though not in the last month) and dragon boat paddling (once a week).

I confess to loving the fact that none of my children were early risers as babies/toddlers. When I was breastfeeding they would happily doze back to sleep (albeit in our bed) after an early feed. I could not have kept up with them coped otherwise.

I've always been a night owl (like both my parents) , though I confess sometimes it catches up with me. Last night we digitally downloaded the  Book of Life on iTunes.

A very different movie to what I was expecting. The  ‪#‎dayofthedead‬ celebration was vibrant and the animation amazing. The Minions stayed awake all the way through , nudging me from my couch slumber as the end was nigh. I didn't realise I'd nodded off for a nana nap at nine.

Trying to recognise the well known voices of the animated characters and laughing out loud , it was quite funny and moving ... more than my running on empty tank could take. I fell under a sleeping spell. 

It's now available for digital download and I was gifted a code much to the delight of the minions.

THE BOOK OF LIFE, a vibrant fantasy-adventure, tells the legend of Manolo, a conflicted hero and dreamer who sets off on an epic quest through magical, mythical and wondrous worlds in order to rescue his one true love and defend his village. (c) Fox

Tonight, I'm mighty a anxious. I have to be up early and at the hospital by 8am for day surgery. The surgeon wants to get a better margin where the melanoma was removed 7 weeks ago. I'm worried how I'll look , being on my face and close to my eye. The only eye I have vision in. I'm very grateful I will be completely out like a light and feel nothing.

In prepartion for NBM - [fast from midnight] I've been inhaling a mango , Jersey caramels and Pepperminted Old Gold Dark chocolate. Consequently, I feel quite ill right at this moment.
Bad idea. Pass the antacids.

I'm still reovering from the Hysterectomy , so I haven't run or exercised much. My body is screaming out for action. Today was the first time I paddled or exerted myself in 4 weeks. I didn't pass out but I could feel the affects of inactivity.

I'm increasingly anxious about lots of things.

Sleep who needs it.
Are you a morning , noon or night person ?

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