Sunday, 12 July 2015

HOME sweet HOME birthday party

I don't know about you but even after doing birthday parties for 22 yrs , the words "birthday party" still fill me with fear. Fear of failure .

Over the years I've certainly picked up quite a few tips and tricks in the organisation of my sons' birthday parties and by delivering them at countless other raucous birthday events. Some mums just wing it or get help.

So if you are planning an epic  birthday party for your children that includes "HOME" - Dream Works at has free printables and fun elements that you can download to create into whatever you need to make your party work !

My experience ; I now know that 'throwing' a party at home , with just a few closest friends ensures a far more enjoyable experience for me all involved. So when I was invited to create a #homedvdparty at home I jumped at the chance. We stuck to inviting 8 kids in our soccer team and my nephew. Ten with my boovs.

 DreamWorks Animation’s HOME introduces ~ 'OH', a lovable misfit boov , from another planet . OH, becomes a fugitive, escaping with a girl named Tip and her cat called Pig. The two unlikely friends embark on the greatest journey of all time...the journey HOME to find Tip's mum , Lucy . 

Heart-warming and hilarious. There are just so many fun jokes, moments to love and one liners you'll never forget. The music soundtrack is full of groove and feeling.

OH and Tip are chased across the new Boov world in the amazing "Slushious" car : by other boov - Kyle and Captain Smek who want to erase him for OH's biggest mistake #62 ... a send all party invitation.  Galazy's collide as a forgotten password threatens mayham and ensures comedy.

Jim Parson's voice talent (aka Sheldon “The Big Bang Theory”) nails OH's character .

I started by downloading the printable invitations and colourful bubbles to write their names on ; all the food, decorations, invitations and games to make your party one of the best!

I had plans to purchase Helium balloons but they didn't fit in the car once we picked up the party loot. 

 The cupcakes toppers were easy to print , cut out and attach a toothpick to.

The Party tool kit name wrappers for h2OH alien juice  - not from the large bowl of lemonade aka toilet water. Slushies would have been preferred but I had the not the Slushious.

The boys choose lots of OH movie or round food like Cheezels, JellOH , Maltesers, air popped popcorn, lolly pops and delicious fruit "Orange rings" which surprisingly were eaten.

We cranked up the bubble machine  - an explosion of bubbles greeted the guests and set the scene.

Our HOME party edition movie Theatre was set up in the OUT - our new garage with the outdoor lounge IN. All the noise and mess was contained,plus we could make it really dark. Quietest way to shush 10 boys ever at a  birthday party.

What noise ...I've never seen 10 boys so quiet. At least till lunch was served.

Sticking the themed food of HOME movie - the boys and I planned a fairly healthy menu - nachos, salsa , Ham & cheese + chicken & lettuce burrito torpedo (wraps). It went down well - even if one child ate only 5 slices of ham . The guest who rarely eats at birthday parties. Win !

The HOME PARTY EDITION is Packed with over an Hour of Hit Music and Fun Dancing Content had my whole family shaking their Boov thing! 

HOME features the amazing voice talents of Jim Parsons (aka Sheldon “The Big Bang Theory”) Rihanna , Steve Martin and Jennifer Lopez. The same Movie creators who gave us "How To Train Your Dragon" and "Shrek".

My birthday party monsters start planning their next birthday party minutes after the last guests leave.

Dreamworks HOME

Dreamworks on Pinterest has so many party and movie night activities to download. 
The Party boys preferred to kick the football around instead .

Home Party edition is OH so perfect for a

Captain Smek's - Shusher wand toy created a funny moment in the car -  I was taking home 4 boys after our epic HOME party , I connected my iPhone to charge it - one of the boys pressed the Captain Smek shusher wand - that says "Erase him" and Siri asks if I want to erase everything - NO !

I found out why - With iOS 8, when your iPhone is plugged in, you can still use Siri by simply saying, “Hey Siri.”

To turn the feature on, go to Settings→General→Siri→Allow “Hey Siri.”

HOME is available now on Blu-ray, DVD & DIgital HD, released July 8 - we've already watched it 4 times. 

The boys declared most epic party ever and so did I. 

Thank you to 20th Century Fox & Dreamworks for the Blu-ray disc , AWESOME Party Loot bags and the Burrito wraps/salsa and corn chips. All opinions are otherwise my own, no other financial considertation was received.