Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wordless Wednesday : Of scales, claws and the beating of drums.

Our new, beautiful 12-metre long dragon boat arrived !

 ' Champion' racing boat !

With customised dragon scales on the hull in our club colours , a new drum and complete with an ornately carved and painted dragon’s head at the bow and a tail (not shown yet) at the stern. Our old dragon head looks like a school project next to it

I'm not sure when our maiden paddle is and there is a special ceremony to dot the eyes.

It's large; large enough to seat up to 20 paddlers, a sweep stands on the rear . During races a 'drumme' balances upon a small wooden seat on the bow. Then we battle it out to the beating of drums. The paddlers represent the claws. 

Lifting the new boat is a piece of cake (with a few strong women and men) compared to our older boats. They arrive on 40ft sea containers in packs of ten (on a slow boat from China)