Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Be part of the cure.

I'm channeling my sadness towards being part of the cure.

As a two times cancer warrior - Breast Cancer in June 2012 and Malignant Sarcoma to my left thigh in February 2014 - I've heard those life shattering words.

I'm running 2015 Sydney City to Surf for National Breast Cancer Foundation NBCF to raise $1000 as a Gold Charity runner - especially in honour of my friend Michelle who passed away last week.

Also for all mothers (sisters, aunts, daughters, nanas and even a few of our menfolk) that have or will face the words -

You Have Breast Cancer ?

However, breast cancer in the breast isn't a death sentence - it is only when it metastasizes to other body parts , like bones, brain, liver or lungs - stage IV that the time bomb starts to tick. Some have weeks or months and the lucky ones years.

I'm running so the 15000 women and 100 men diagnosed with breast cancer this year have a hope for the future , to prevent more families from going through the distressing experience of cancer diagnosis, treatment and in too many cases losing a loved one.

With 37 Australians diagnosed each day and seven losing their battle, there is still much to do.
The value of living each day to its fullest, not putting off until tomorrow what you could do today. After all, one day, there will not be a tomorrow.
Too many lives cut short.

Anything at all counts - be part of the cure - if you can donate or spread the word .

(PS I donated the first hundred as part of my Gold Charity Entry commitment.)