Friday, 26 September 2014

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I carry my own bottled water everywhere I go. It is my second most popular drink - behind a glass of wine hot cup of tea. The warmer weather used to give me a bit of jolt when my water bottle heated up in the car and it tasted awful and warm .

But don't toss your own water bottle yet and reach for a cold one from a shop – in plastic and/or a sugary drink. It's not very environmentally friendly either. Unless you slip into a pub to quench your thirst with free water (or another beverage on tap)

Ecococoon has solved my hydration issues. I was sent  Ecococoon, unique BPA free drink bottles for each family member to review. Constructed in the ultimate 18/8 stainless steel , it is also very stylish and functional drink ware . I  have these four 600mls bottles to giveaway.

Environmentally sustainable, and innovative with fun colours and designs featuring a screw on sports mouthpiece and lid .

Drinking water is essential to our health. There is debate about how much we need , in the warmer weather and humidity fluid loss is accentuated. I still go for a minimum of 2-3 L or more when exercising. Your own water needs will depend on many factors, including your gender (men need more), age, health, how active you are and where you live.

So we need a regular water (fluid) intake - losses occur continuously, through skin evaporation, breathing, urine, sweat (especially in summer) and the #2’s too. You can become dehydrated when your ‘fluid’ output depletes during normal daily activities, exercise or physical activity outdoors.

I trying to fit back into my jeans (more comfortably) so I’ve been drinking lots of water .While water isn’t a magic bullet for weight loss, it helps me by substituting it for higher caloric beverages and fills a gap when I really want to reach for cake or wine... sometimes. I keep my bottle with me always.

Founded by Brisbane-based mum Libby Versace, who was motivated to create the Ecococoon brand because of well documented health concerns over bisphenol-A (BPA). As you may know BPA is a synthetic chemical widely used in the manufacturing of plastic cups and drink bottles.

Ecococoon's sports bottle mouthpiece is leak proof and dental-friendly – it’s unique cap needs no teeth pulling or twisting to drink or worry about remembering to reseal the lid.

There is no taste taint even after 24hrs. My boys said they love it is suckable (is that a word). They love their bottles and so do I in the middle of the night. Also NO spillage in the car (or bed).

The thermal insulation keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours* (though an accessory is recommended and hot drinks are not recommended for use with the sports mouthpiece).

The most important thing is that my boys (and my Husband) are drinking more water. The boys leave for school at 7.50am and before we got the Ecococoon drink bottle by lunchtime their cold water in a single stainless steel bottle – wasn’t so cool.

Last summer by the time they got off the bus the water was warm and undrinkable! Cue tired and no wonder cranky boys complaining all the way up the hill 800m.

Their Ecococoon 600ml bottles last till they get home and they refill them. I don't need to send a frozen juice or worry about their hydration. I'll happy for them to have them anywhere in the house (don't leak). They keep them bedside overnight too. [350ml and 500ml bottles are available in awesome range of colours and designs ]

 It is saving a lot of washing up - if your kids are like mine , I used to end up with a dozen glasses on my bench. Everyone has their own colour (now you can buy coloured lids too).

  • The unique cocooncap™ consists of 2 parts. The cap is the base part where the mouthpiece and one way valve exist. The lid is the top piece that allows for sanitary protection of the mouthpiece. The Ecococoon bottle will not leak even if the lid is not placed on the cap. 
  • The unique one-way valve ensures a leak-free bottle in school bags, backpacks or handbags. 
  • The unique double wall vacuum insulation means NO condensation (My hand bag is safe from wetness too)

Ecococoon have extensively pioneered and developed the ultimate water bottle guaranteed to last a lifetime (with correct product care). I can’t vouch for that after 2-3 weeks but if you would like to give a go – enter to win your own and runners up 10% off voucher.
*Cocooncaps ™ are recommended for cold water drinking only.

With the kids heading back to school for the warmer terms this is a perfect giveaway.

Leave a comment - Tell me why you would love an ecococoon water bottle ?

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PS - Stop Press I am also coveting these newly released Retro Milkshake cups - get yours today !
Reminiscient of the 1950's styled diners and milk bars, NEW Retro Cups contour to your hand to provide a pleasurable drinking experience.
18/8 stainless steel, BPA free and suitable for the dishwasher!

Disclosure: As mentioned I received water bottles for myself and my family and all opinions are my own. No financial payment .

Tell me - are you a fan of water ?