Sunday, 4 May 2014

May 4 - When the music stops don't be the one left without a chair earliest memory.

My earliest memory is my little brother's 1st birthday.
I was about three and half.
There was cake, of course, my baby brother in a saggy cloth nappy and the neighbourhood kids seated around short tables.
I cannot remember if we played any birthday games ;)
It was a b & w photo and I am certain the photo triggers this memory.

I think I remember other earlier times - holding my newborn baby brother as a 2 and half year old but the birthday party stands as most memorable. There are photos of that occasion too on a blanket at the front of my grandparents house.

The photo has caused a lot of sibling rivalry - he said I pinched it from his photo album - I maintain my mother put it in my album.

I can't locate that photo or my albums right now, they are somewhere in a tetris of boxes ...or my brother reclaimed it.

However - coincidentally just in time for today's prompt  my husband found these two photos (amongst other cute and embarrassing ones morning) when sorting through some old files. They were given to me after my grandmother passed away about 11 years ago.

My mum was 22 yrs old.
 They are of the same vintage ...circa 1970. Taken outside my paternal grandmother's home.

I was about 3 1/2 and my brother 1 yr old.

What is your earliest memory ?