Friday 31 January 2014

It's on my Facebook page , I figured you knew !


How is it the last day of January?
February is going to be crazy , it's the first time I will be away from my precious boys for more than a few days...up to 10 days, maybe more.

I'm leaving them in the hands of my Mum, they will be fine. She was a mum at 18yrs (+10months) and I turned out 'fabulously'  survived.

My first big adventure is my first time Dragon Boat Paddling in Chinese New Year Regatta held at Cockle Bay, City of Sydney’s Dragon Boat Races .I am paddling in the Cancer survivor's team boat with other paddlers from Combined Western Region.
Witness the spirit and power of the dragon come alive in Sydney as 12-metre long boats, large enough to seat up to 20 paddlers, battle it out to the beating of drums. Each boat has an ornately carved dragon’s head at the bow and a tail at the stern, while the hull is painted with dragon scales and the paddles represent the claws.

Dragons Abreast members provide a “face” for the breast cancer statistics whilst spreading the message of breast cancer awareness through participation in the wonderful and strenuous sport of dragon boat racing.

High on our list of priorities is having fun, trying new things, meeting interesting people and being involved in a challenging, physical activity whilst promoting breast cancer awareness.

Credit - DBNSW Photo Album -

I love rainbows ...
The truth ...just crazy random thoughts and worries about my surgery on February 12th know I don't know where to start.On the bright side.


What's on in February for you ?