Monday, 26 August 2013

How to turn old Weber BBQ into a Herb Garden ~ season to taste !

A while back our herb 'garden' bit the dust - a combination of heat, lack of water, cows and woeful neglect since it was on the other side of the fence and couldn't be bothered to tell the truth.

I'd though about re-purposing an old sink or bathtub into a herb garden but life was busy.

Then last week as I was driving home from town I spotted an old Weber BBQ someone had placed out for council collection.

I coveted it and encouraged hubby to go and collect it (amongst a few other things at other stops).
It was in very good condition and clean.

I wonder how much use it had as iconic Australian BBQ experience !

Then he had a brilliant idea...Fill the Weber with soil and plant some of my favorite herbs to keep next to our barbecue...especially to grow some rosemary to season his lamb roast -

I googled for ideas - thanks to Life on the Balcony

This was a really easy project that you can complete in less than 30 minutes (including shopping time). Here is what you’ll need to get started :

  • 1 bag (or 2) of good quality herb potting soil (we needed 1 medium [and 2 small] ...luckily we had spare bags lying unopened in the shed because I didn't calculate for the depth)
  • 5-6 herb plants, depending on the size of the BBQ and how full you like your garden.
  • 1 re-purposed portable round BBQ.
  •  coffee filters (or I used ag pipe sock filter).
I didn't need the BBQ grate or the lid but I'll keep them anyway ! I can probably use the lid on my roast outdoors.

I also planted Mint in an old teapot (I think we found on the property and I like rustic things).


First clean your BBQ (or not) then place the ag /coffee filter over of the holes in the bottom of the BBQ . We also turned the grate thingy to make holes smaller.

The filter allows water to drain out but prevents the soil from falling through.

Fill your BBQ with soil , pinch out the seedlings or plants and pot them, as evenly or randomly as you please. I tamped down the potting soil gently around the plants , watered them in and was good to the internet for recipes.

Rosemary: Pair with lamb, chicken, and roast potatoes or in bread.
Oregano : Matches well with: beans, chicken, eggplant, fish, lamb, mushrooms, pasta, pizza, pork, potatoes,  tomatoes, veal, zucchini

Parsley: with mashed potatoes, pastas, salads, meatballs and as a garnish
Thyme: Try it with soups, chowders, marinades and meat dishes.
Corainder: Match as coriander pesto, carrot and coriander soup, chutney and chicken or in Thai soups.

Two I forgot ... 
Basil:  with salads, as pizza toppings, tomatoes, chicken dishes, spaghetti bolognaise or pesto.
Chives: in dips, atop baked and mashed potatoes, as a soup /salad garnish.

I just can't believe I forgot the Basil. I picked up a six cell herb pack and I didn't even think to look for Basil my favourite herb.

Grape tomatoes were planted in the middle ...just because.

Mint: mmm with peas, pies , mashed potatoes, mint jelly for roast lamb or cutlets ... Mint tea anyone.

Herbs need on average 6+ hours of sunlight a day,  regular watering (depending on the pot) and with well drained soil.
If you are placing it on a deck (like I will eventually) you may need a drip tray to catch any excess water .

Now, I'm on the lookout for another herb garden container and then I'll start to experiment with other herb and flavour combinations.

In other news - What's on my mind ?

It has been eight years, today, since my Dad left us and 4 weeks since my hub said a final goodbye to his Dad too.
Today, I am thinking Happy memories of our very special fathers who shaped our lives.
We are getting ready to plant trees in their memory ~ Father's Day Sunday and also 9yrs since we lost our tiny angel ~Charlotte~ . It's a big week .

By the way - it is Recycling or Up-cycling ?
What is the difference?