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Stepping out of my comfort zone, Naturally - RedBalloon review

 RedBalloon review

I was stepping out of my comfort zone when I decided to choose a Scientific Naturopathic consultation for my next RedBalloon experience ...I possibly needed a detox after eating all that chocolate and fudge.

What ?

Hands up who wouldn’t want more Sleep Abundant Health, Energy and Vitality!

I‘ve always had the understanding that  Naturopathy focuses on naturally occurring substances, minimally invasive methods, and encouragement of natural healing. I wanted to know more as I travel the path to recovery .

I trusted the fact that because they were a Redballoon experience they must be reputable. In the past I may have been sceptical about some alternative medicines with my nursing background / career. I know diet and natural therapies play a big role in healing in many cultures.

I had already booked this experience when I discovered my son’s new girlfriend, was ‘training’ to be a Naturopath. [A four-year Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy degree. She was telling me how much she loves microbiology one day...not my favourite health subject ]

Interesting, hmmm, I hope she curbs his junk food addiction.

I arrived early and was given a lovely cup of green tea (Of course)

My consultation with the scientific naturopathic practitioner began with a detailed questionnaire, then a patient interview focusing on my diet and lifestyle, health concerns , medical history, emotional journey {right now especially with cancer } and physical features like height and weight, skin , BMI and muscle mass. All information basically to give her a full picture of how I manage my health. She put me at ease and listened...not like some Drs who care less about the whole person.

The information I gave , used in conjunction with my results from the testing, helped determine my health priorities. The testing package includes a zinc mineral test, (zinc is one of the most important minerals for long term health and longevity) and the highly regarded cellular health test.

I was deficient in zinc and I had a few areas to work on with my nutrition.

I’m still under the Oncology team and having Herceptin treatment every 3 weeks so I'm always going to be cautious. All the advice I received was sensible . She actually asked more questions about my health and diet then they ever have. A lot of the advice was similar to what a renown nutritionist recommended a few weeks ago.

I got feedback on the health and energy of my cells, my body composition and the biological age of my body (I have the body of a 42yr old – hurrah). My body weight was spot on, but I’m lacking muscle mass. I’ve lost muscle mass since my breast cancer diagnosis.

After my Naturopath practitioner collated the results, she gave me a tailor made program including a few nutritional/dietary changes and supplement recommendations to target my specific health concerns and assist my body in returning to full health and vitality.

When I told my husband I needed more sleep ...he agreed 110% !
He said "Turn off the computer. Go to bed earlier  – you are not sleeping in".

I've really been trying to give a go but being sick the last week with a respiratory infection has not been easy.

I would highly recommend this experience. I trusted my practitioner's advice and I purchased a few recommended supplements, though there was no pressure to do so.

Personally, I wouldn’t advise anyone ever to rely on this type of treatment alone for cancer. Serious consequences may result avoiding or delaying conventional medical care. Also, if you are visiting a Naturopath, be sure you know what kind of training and education the person has. 

Thanks to RedBalloon and Radiance Healthcare  It was so easy to book a suitable time. A day later, when I wanted to move my appointment from 3pm to 4pm  , it was no problem to change with Radiance.

RedBalloon have the ultimate in 2500 + different experiences across Australia. The variety of experiences that cater to all ages ,and lifestyles means there is something for everyone to choose.

If you can't decide on an experience buy a gift voucher. RedBalloon vouchers are perfect for any occasions ...I really don't need 217 reasons to take a mini break this winter ! One would suit me perfectly.

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Disclosure: Thanks to the team at Digital Parents Collective for inviting me to be a part of the Red Balloon Experience Program. I will be sharing more awesome experiences with you over the coming months. Stay tuned!  As always, all opinions are my own however the experiences are complimentary.
I paid for my own supplements.

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