Friday, 31 May 2013

A vivid memory - the day ...

My photo - author unknown
When you get to my age , there are only so many vivid memories you can carry in your head space.
I refer to yesterday and Letting go.

Oh the clutter inside my nutt.

I also have a significant issues with my memory, mostly short term - it is legit and referred to as chemo brain PCCI - Post Chemotherapy cognitive impairment. I've flooded the kitchen more times than I care to admit (twice this week filling the sink ...I digress this is not my vivid memory)

I wish I'd been or could go see  VIVID Sydney - it looks spectacular.

I wish my vivid memories were only happy ones but I'd be lying...

The day I was told "I'm sorry your baby has no heart beat" is top of my vivid memories.
The day my twin babies were born and I got to meet them is another ...though I'm sure the photos help me remember because I was very doped out after a C/section.

The day my husband received his cancer diagnosis.
Then the day I was told I had breast cancer.

Again I share this