Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ This little Piggy

Sunday afternoon we were on our way to visit my in-laws , driving through the scrub/bush paddocks . [Yes, it very dry here-please send rain]. Suddenly, we saw this pig walking up from the dam.
In the 6yrs we have been visiting/living on the farm, we've never seen a pig on either of the two farms. This little [medium- size] Piggy wandered in from somewhere ? Nearest neighbours are a km or more away.
It appeared quite tame , not that I got out of the car. Hub quickly snapped a few photos with my iPad. I was taking some fruit& vegies scraps over to our Nephew's pet pig [white] so we tossed them to this pig instead. It ate hungrily. We drove off. 

It then tried to chase and follow us like a dog. We haven't seen it since. 
Wild Emus were spotted out the front at in-laws farm next door on the weekend too.I wonder if the drought is bringing them out searching for food.