Monday, 20 May 2013

Blowing out ...


truggles ! I have a few dozen.

I don't know about you but even after doing kids' birthday parties for 18-19 yrs , I struggle each year. In 2-3 weeks I have to send invitations out. Their birthday being in school holidays in 6 weeks time.

Last year my friend and I were discussing her twin boys' upcoming birthday. She was asking for my expert opinions how to make it a success and as simple as possible ?

I was glad I wasn't alone in my feelings of overwhelming inadequacy !
I said you are asking the wrong person !

Though I've certainly picked up quite a few tips and tricks in the organisation of my oldest son's birthday parties and in delivering him for attendance at countless other raucous birthday events. My eldest , being our only child for 13 yrs, had yearly birthday parties and each year it was a struggle to find ideas and venues acceptable to all parties.

My own little lads started planning a raucous 6th birthday party with plans to invite a infinite number of 5yr- 6yr olds within days of starting school {80 kindergarteners}. I trembled every time a new friend or three was added to the list. I was filled with absolute fear at the birthday party monster they were creating.

Each day, my head spinning off it's axis, their heads filled with yet more requirements for their own party, 10 different birthday cakes, 20 different foods and 1000 lollies , jumping castles or a pool party {in July} .

Life had other ideas.Thankfully, or really with some disappointment, before the first invite was officially issued. Their birthday was 6 days after I was discharged from hospital for my surgery and in the July school holidays to boot. I'd originally planned for it to be when school resumed. Plans were cancelled. They were only a little disappointed and I'm struggling to make it up to them this year.

My experience ; I know that throwing a party for my twins and a few closest friends is likely to ensure a far more enjoyable experience for me and all involved. Yet, dare I cause a meltdown by only inviting a few, plus we have a few yr 2 children in their class and kindy class mates from last year , soccer team mates ...

Last year we had an impromptu backyard party {at my brother's} with a few friends from our old church & playgroup, their cousins , balloons , the trampoline and a Skylander's cake. They had a ball anyway.

Oh Yes, the children chorus !
Parties are fun, exciting and joyous...

Mums cry ...with money to burn the right planning,
and by breaking the day down into smaller, manageable components.

I reviewed a book last year but it doesn't help we can't host a backyard party or take a risk with a park and the weather in July. We had two local park parties with their friends in January. Too easy for their mums.

Is it wrong to want to throw the kind of birthday party that will be remembered for years to come and spend as little as possible ?....(with as little stress as possible!) 

I am thinking of hosting a Karate /Ninja party , though the centre I rang has yet to host birthday parties and are not too definite. It would be self catered so I can control the food.

I am so grateful for my boys , every day they are my reason for living.I want to make this birthday very special because they bring magic to every day and they have been so patient the last year.

Now before I turn into one of those intensely annoying mums who puts a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself to throw the perfect party I'll go make a cup of tea and come visit your blog.

What do you love or hate about birthday parties ?
Do you struggle too?