Sunday, 19 May 2013

From all the lands on earth we come

Today's prompt is we were asked to write a post about "Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them "

I ask myself and you "What sets one blogger apart from another blogger ?”

That is one of the hardest questions to ask - it is very challenging to pick -just- 5 bloggers amongst the 100+ I read for different reasons.  What if I exclude someone who I read often and perhaps unintentionally offend !

Not everyone is a writer , not everyone is hilarious and I enjoy the 'depth' of people blogging through challenges, well written or not.

Just saying ...I've been there.All my life I've tried not to compare people. I have never been competitive and nor taken competition too seriously.

I feel very blessed with the people I have met through blogging - the friendship and the connections and the honesty of some bloggers in revealing their own adversity, adventures and triumphs. I love the social side of blogging and connecting with other bloggers and readers. There are also many other fine bloggers who are never included in the Top Blogger lists.

We are one, but we are many 
And from all the lands on earth we come 
We share a dream and sing blog with our own voice: 
I am, you are, we are Australian  bloggers

All of us have traveled different journeys , we bring our baggage into blogging.We all have stories that count and matter. I just don't like naming names because I hated not being picked for the team .

 {Shhh - don't tell anyone but you are my favourite if you are reading right now}.