Monday, 15 April 2013

Bush to beach with boys on board.

I confess that sometimes I wish our tree-change had been a sea-change.
Living on the farm we are now over 4-5hrs to the nearest surf beach.
I miss the beach, though to be honest we weren't really beach goers except on our WA road-trip

I don't think we have seen a beach up close since November 2011when we left WA.

We traveled 6.5hrs, yesterday afternoon and into the night , to get this view this morning , though at a very ungodly hour of 7am - I was less impressed...they actually woke at 6am I think.

We are staying in a third floor unit with Grandpa and his wife...dare I say for six days unless we make an earlier exit because of grime , time and crime.

Why is it that kids wake at the crack of dawn on school holidays ?
Especially on holidays away from home.

I confess that I'd like to slip them something or duct tape them into bed or maybe we could don matching straight jackets for me too. I'm close to throttling them.

We have already had a few attempts to hoist themselves over the balcony... then they opened the window shutters and stood on the bed - leaning over or moving the "hey the bed has wheels , Mum"

"To look at the city lights , Mum" they said.

"It was Sam's idea"

"So why did you do it too ?"

"I wanted to see them too"

The window opening was not nearly enough to fit a boy through...they never got that far to test it.

I knew the silence was too good to be true.
Grandpa was not happy; I hope his pacemaker is fully serviced.
I'm having palpitations every time I turn my back now , that they doing something they shouldn't be.

The disapproving glares I'm giving my boys just make them smile and the ones I'm getting ....well it's not my fault they are inspired by the views.

The boys have run their fingers along all the walls...I confess I have no idea why they are compelled to mark their territory like dogs.I just hope it is wash and wear paint.

Mother of boys don't rest till son down. The silver lining is it keeps me thin.

Thankfully a few hours at the beach, two walks to the break wall and the 8km bike ride I took them on , exhausted them. I walked or stumbled behind them, as they raced ahead , screaming "slow down: stop : wait for me : watch out for cars " x 100 - grateful they had enough sense to skid to a stop at each road crossing.

They never ask to go bed but they did tonight. I might be onto something.
I do know where they get it from ....not I !

Tonight , I learned about the time my husband took some thieves for a ride in this very town.The family and a cousin had arrived towing a boat. They all went upstairs to their unit.

Hubby and his cousin, both about 15yrs old, went back downstairs and saw 2 guys inside the boat , still hitched to the car.

So apparently hubby and his cousin get in the car, unfazed by the consequences , and he drives off around the block because
"It seemed like a good idea - at the time."

(They told me he'd been driving since he was seven.Heaven help me, my boys turn seven in less than 3 months)

When he got back the thieves had disembarked the vessel , leaving a sturdy metal toolbox with a brickie's hammer inside, near the unit.The men were trying to nick the radio in the boat.

All ended well. Though I suspect those unsuspecting crooks had no idea that two teenage boys would be driving off with the boat and them in it.

I remain optimistic that it was a one off event. First time I've heard that tale though there have been other devilish events in his past.

In other news ...

I had two different ladies compliment me on my delightful boys last week at church. One of whom also is an aide in their school classroom. It made my heart swell with pride.

They are certainly very friendly lads and today they cheerfully greeted the Marine rescuers assembled at the marina "Good morning rescuers" and other walkers and their dogs too. Someone said what lovely manners they have, aren't they lovely ...oh are they twins ?

I wish Grandpa had heard them.

Do you have boys who frazzle you with their mischief but bring you immeasurable joy ?

What are doing or what did you get up to in your school holidays ?

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