Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Session ~ Hurry up Cinderella !

I'm sure I've heard this song before but not the story behind it. 
It reminds me just how is fleeting childhood (and parenthood) is....

"Cinderella" was written by Steven Curtis Chapman one night after helping his two youngest daughters - Stevey Joy and Maria Sue - to take a bath and after putting them to sleep. Chapman remembers that the girls were stalling him, putting on their gowns of Cinderella, while he was trying to do it quickly so he could put them to bed and go to his studio to work. Chapman says he even refused to read them a story that night. However, after walking out, he says he felt God telling him the name "Emily Chapman", his oldest daughter who was already in her twenties at the time. Steven remembered how he had rushed through some moments in Emily's childhood because of his career, and remembered how he now had a chance to not do it again with his younger daughters. source Wikipedia

Without a doubt most parents want to get to know their children better, enjoy and experience the quirky and every day events in their lives. 
Sometimes I wonder if parents today are so stressed and overworked whether it be in careers (out of or in the home) or even busy just doing the mundane - they we forget to cherish the privilege.

We are just so busy doing stuff and we can't wait to get back to doing what we prefer or have to be doing instead of playing with our children. We rush through everyday and 'hurry up' everything.
The saddest part is what children covet the most (after my iPad) is genuine attention and affection Childhood is when the most crucial time when deep-rooted and unbreakable bonds are developed. 
All too soon they don't want to hang out with us and then they are off in another world. They are gone ...midnight strikes.
*A few months after the song was written in May 2008, Steve daughter, Maria Sue, died due to a tragic accident in the family driveway.The song originally a message to love and cherish parenthood while it lasted, acquired a new message of the frailty of life and how suddenly it can change.

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