Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Making you matter

I while ago I wrote about

Happiness is filling your own love tank

As mothers it is important we make a deposit in our own love tank, to give ourselves emotional and even physical strength to fuel us through the homework day and those 'sleepless' nights.

I've been a parent for nearly 19yrs .................and I'm learned still learning !

Here are a few more tips to help you.

It's good to engage in healthy behaviours to enhance your day. Firstly, we need to eat well and get plenty of rest.Though it can be difficult with young children...the rest not so much eating !

We can all include more pleasurable activities in each day. ; 10-15mins a day is a good start.

Play your favourite music while doing the unavoidable housework , ironing or even watching the kids play...sing along.

Get up 30 mins earlier to enjoy an aromatherapy bath ,  do your nails or anything pleasurable you can't do with kids on the loose awake.

Get regular exercise in your day no matter what ...walking is fine.

Practice relaxation techniques ...to find a sense of calm. Just lie down and relax each muscle group from head to toe. You can even lie down on a picnic rug with the kids and watch the clouds rolling by (if necessary) for a 5 min rest.

Enjoy a real massage when you can ...or surprise the spouse and take turns.

Schedule one hour a week for making you matter - like an appointment even if you engage the support of a friend/spouse or relative - communicate that it's for your emotional and physical health.

Need to free up more time - my latest time savers

  1. Delegate ...make a chore chart for your children and negotiate payment. They have to start somewhere , be patient and lower your expectations if necessary.
  2. Do your food shopping online - I am going to try click and collect - because we don't have home delivery in our area. It will save me time in queues, aimless wandering and impulse buys. Plus I can budget for exactly what I need to spend (save $ for that massage).
  3. Writing a weekly menu plan (see #2) so I won't need to waste time rushing out to buy last minute dinner ingredients and I can buy and plan around weekly specials.
  4. Let kids catch the school bus ...this alone netted me an extra 2hrs a day or find a buddy system to car pool occasionally.
  5. Put bills, school notes and reminders in the same place so you can find them quickly and attend to them one after the other (if not dealt with immediately).My friend scans everything into her phone now too ...no worries...no panic searching.
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