Friday, 23 November 2012

In the Dark of Night

Nothing comes without a price , so they say ...I try to take nothing for granted.

To be grateful for the simple things.

Mum is cooking us lasagna for dinner ...that will be devoured quickly in appreciation as soon as we arrive.

Grateful for ~

Fumes from the Dencorub ...after hubby rubs my back tonight to ease the aching . He is not so attracted to menthol.

Clean sheets on the there anything as delicious as a freshly made bed when you are exhausted . Hopefully sleep will creep into bed with me.
Propping my own fluffy pillow under my head and snuggling under the covers long as it's not hot - else the fan will be whirr'ing !

Bubbling with anticipation ...we've got a lot planned this weekend and the weather forecast is promising.

Knowing, in the dark of night when I close my eyes (or rather when insomnia bites) I'm not alone ...he is by my side,always loving me through this.

I'm especially grateful for the prayers of many ... Believing in God "doesn’t automatically make Cancer go away, exempt you from pain and sickness, or exclude you from any of the other unpleasant things that go with this disease. What it does do is cause you to have hope, security, and peace that can come only from knowing God and trusting in him."

What are you grateful for today ?

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