Thursday, 22 November 2012

Let's do Bloggers Brunch

Two weeks ago I was fortunate to attend The Kids Business bloggers brunch, organised by Christie Nicholas to connect bloggers and brands in a fun way.

I enjoy Blogger Brunches because I like bringing my readers new products (and giveaways) and especially the chance to catch up with other bloggers.

The Brands on display were some of my favourites too.

Spotlight - my craft bones may be a little creaky but I was immediately attracted to the Christmas bunting and craft ideas - easy for someone like me - a rusty novice . Spotlight is very easy on the pocket with gift their ideas too. Spotlight is the adult version a kid in a candy shop. I loved the printed ready to sew panels for Christmas.
 Credit: Kid's Business Flickr

The Philadelphia stand - provided lunch and baked treats and was totally delicious. Their new Philly cream for Thai green curry and Cream for Pasta in Tomato & Italian Herbs has featured in my weekly meal plans with approval from the fussiest little drummer. It will be especially good to have on hand when I've have 15 mins to get dinner on the table.

Credit: Kid's Business Flickr

 The Philly Cadbury chocolate cream cheese frosting will make me my little drummers happy when I open it ... shh unless I don't tell them.

Nad’s – hair removal experts - THE joy of every woman's life - now you might think what could they do for me - being bald and less hirsute now ! Argh - did I mention my chin hair was the first to re-grow.

The lovely team at Nad's took care of that for me in a whip with Natural Hair Removal Gel!
Despite losing most of my body hair (yes down there too) my leg and underarm grew a little and is starting to re grow. Once my eyebrows re-grow properly I'm keen to try the Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper..
The argument is still out on armpit hair in public.

Ask Lori_RRSAHM about her nose hair removal experience - my husband is refusing to be the guniea pig. Nad’s is a family-owned business at the end of the day - Sue Ismiel , the founder , popped in .

Credit: Kid's Business Flickr & me- Sony Xperia phone

Brown Sugar - I quietly tried on  that jacket which matched perfectly my watermelon ? coloured 3/4 pants was a great fit and look but I didn't move quick enough and they had packed up. I'm still considering it. I couldn't get my foot in the dressing rooms.They had some lovely pieces and were very popular judging by the excited squee'ing' - though probably a bit out of my normal budget. They have an online store and real stores across Australia.

Rust-Oleum –I'm very keen to try their new blackboard and whiteboard spray and paints - they will make rustic labels for my country kitchen. The silver and gold glitter sprays will be great for Christmas crafts I will hopefully get to make...flexing my creaky bones takes a bit of effort.  Apparently you can even make-over a kitchen with their spray paint.

Beville’s Jewellers – their gorgeous range of personalised gift ideas for  teenagers to grandma's is ticking off my Christmas list for my nieces with unique names.I have my eye on a exquisite piece for myself with all my children's names on it.

Kambrook – they had on display a new brilliant a pressure cooker I am coveting. My boys love the cake pop maker we were gifted .It was a hard choice not to walk away with the Limited edition - Ice-Age icecream maker. I love ice-cream but it's not about me :).

Dyson – demonstrated their shiny new cordless vacuum - it would be perfect if I had carpet ! Amazing sucking power and portability - I am a little envious of those who do have carpet. The Dyson toy vacuum is going to a good cause - to start the kids enjoying vacuuming early.

The Bloggers Brunch isn't all shop talk brands -  three guest speakers spoke , inspired and entertained us, between tweets, on the theme for this brunch “Greatness through Gratitude

Rosemary Lee – cancer survivor and founder / CEO of Stars With Heart (being renamed to Big C Support), a charity that helps people with cancer understand and organise their finances. Very sorely needed in my experience.

Toni Powell – founder of the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge. Toni shared a lot of wonderful quotes in her story

Ellen Briggs – a very entertaining Mullumbimby 'hippie' also a mum of twin boys and comedian.

Any blogger can register their interest in attending future Bloggers Brunch . I had a great time thanks Christie.

Disclaimer: I was not obligated to blog about this event.  I did receive some exceptional goodies but they in no way influenced my opinion.