Saturday, 24 November 2012

Finding your Christmas Spirit

So how do we get into the Christmas Spirit ?

1. Head over to Pinterest stat if you want to find some Christmas spirit - 1000's + of ideas here for everyone. Focus on simple activities and ideas to keep it low key or really get inspired to go overboard. 
2. Get down on the floor and see through the eyes of a young child. Kids bubble over with anticipation , excitement and wonder about Christmas.Spend a day with a young child reading Christmas stories, watching Christmas DVD's or watching Christmas carols on you tube... maybe a little of their excitement and Christmas magic will rub off on you.

3. Start a new family tradition - see no 1 or Google it. Look for a fun activity that will be low-stress(and easy on the budget) ...not something you'll dread because of the hassle. We are doing the Elf on a Shelf again this year (Larissa has some great ideas). Trade it for a tradition you no longer enjoy.

4. Step away from  the stress. Take a few hours or even a day for yourself. Back away from craziness of the season. Get your hair cut (not me - maybe I'll go buy a new hat) , give yourself a facial , switch off your computer and go for a walk, smell the roses, visit a beach and play Christmas carols .Say no to new demands and/or delegate or postpone some activities. 

5. Remember you have choices about the commercialism of the season . It isn't about having the most decorations and the best gifts under a magnificent tree. We can't even find our artificial Christmas tree but we will go out today and cut one from the paddocks or bunch together some sticks in the shape of star .

6. Lastly make someone else happy - donate a new unwrapped toy and place it under any giving or charity tree ...

What is your family Christmas tradition or key Christmas ?

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