Friday, 2 November 2012

Being Present

I can hardly believe it is Friday already.
I feel a big rugged at the moment . Last week I started Treatment #1 of my Taxol.
The little Drummers both ended up very unwell with Rotavirus  (gastro) , one in hospital for 3 days . I was so busy looking after them I didn't notice any side effects or they were minimal.

This Monday I had #2 - yesterday my back started aching. I didn't sleep well at all from the discomfort . Today the backache is bearable with Nurofen and I started getting nose bleeds today.

All minor side effects and I'm not whinging just saying it feels like I am in a place that while I'd would rather not be at this time - I am and I just have to suck it up.
The effects are cumulative apparently (ie can get worse over time) 

I know some people just don't get it ...the chance.

So what am I going to do ?
  • Think positively
  • Be present and not worry about what is ahead
  • Organise less for the worse days
  • Drink lots of water
  • Go to bed earlier
  • Eat whole-food and fresh fruit
  • Exercise
  • Listen to Music
  • Read 
  • Use my hammock
  • Breathe Deeply
  • (I will speak to the Oncologist and nurse too)
 It might help if I try to finish things ahead of time instead of leaving them to the last minute. I've finally finished some things due Monday, I only started Tuesday...well except that the ATO website won't let me submit it and I have to wait for them to call me about the error code.