Saturday, 3 November 2012


I had to share this ...

LGFB Stronger from Tex Whitney Productions on Vimeo.

I love this song and it helps to know that others are on this journey too. I'm not alone (with my thoughts and fears) , though it feels like it a lot of the time.

Traveling here to there with a song like this in our heart helps. My window of happiness today.

I have my chemo in 'recliner' chairs similar to these , lined up along white walls.Sans the singing - the nurse unit manager of the Oncology unit is a hoot and makes us all laugh. Our country oncology centre is a smaller unit than the first Oncology centre where I started my first round of 4 cycles.

Tomorrow I'm baking choc caramel slice or maybe banana muffins to share with my fellow chemo patients. I'll probably be there for 5-6 hrs so I'll need lots of food distraction.

Last week no one baked any goodies so we only had standard issue Scotch finger and Nice biscuits with our pots of tea in real cups, served on little trays too by cheerful pink ladies.

My back is still aching but I'm okay, I slept better last night. My nose isn't bleeding today. I'm feeling stronger but just still just as happy to do nothing.

I am determined to start clearing out cupboards, boxes and drawers and free our little shed home of some piece of crap at a time (maybe more or less 100 pieces a day ...looks of kiddie craft, ripped books, broken crap)

I ventured out to my  sad looking , little vegie garden today. A few weeks ago the cows knocked down the fence and ate a few of my seedlings. I still have one corn plant, a few beans, 2 kale, parsley, my tomato bush and lots of strawberries which I hope produces a bumper harvest. The wind has been terrible here all week. It's so dry and dusty.

The cows now have to contend with an electric fence.

We are patiently waiting the arrival of baby calves too so the cows are in the home paddock.
Pictures ? ...another day maybe.
How was your day ?