Tuesday 4 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Toot Toot

Train enthusiasts/spotters, hanging and snacking !

 First Class Carriage all the way for us in private compartment {with a Lavatory nearby}...the others didn't know what they were missing. Though they probably heard and saw the double, double trouble ...with a third set of boy/boy twins from same kindergarten on the next carriage too)
Russell , the Kinder teddy from A's class was most unimpressed at being dangled out the window !

Father's Day Sept 2nd , 2012 , Steam Train Ride aboard the Heritage Express* 1928 Steam Train - 
Dubbo to Narromine - 
PS - Some of the same carriages were used on Cadbury's Joyville Train (Bottom right)

*This is NOT a sponsored post - it was great fun.

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