Monday, 3 September 2012

The other side of the Pink ribbons

In my journey with Breast Cancer , so far, I had some lovely ladies contact me , women who have experienced breast cancer offering me emotional support & advice ; (including other women who had a mastectomy because they were at risk of breast cancer) and others with more practical offers.

I feel blessed to have crossed paths with them only due to the challenging circumstances in which I now find myself. A silver lining in the haze of stormy clouds and fog.

One of my readers, Meli sent me an email about 7 weeks ago, regarding her sister, Lily De Santis

who runs a mobile breast prosthesis and bra fitting service. She has also read your blog and was very moved. As I help her promote her business, she wanted me to ask you if you would be interested in receiving a free home visit , along with some complimentary products of your choice - she has terrific bras, swimwear and other lovely and practical items. Lily established this business on her own and is dedicated to making women feel great about themselves. She believes a personal, in-home service is the best way for her to provide this.

I have only spoken to Lily by phone and through emails. Lily, after reading my blog post last week , sent me some lovely head scarves to try.

Our first planned meeting , a few weeks ago, was postponed as Lily was unwell and I was at high risk of infections (due to a low white cell count from chemotherapy).

When I get to Sydney, next , she is going to fit me with my new prostheses ( . ) ( . ) and some lovely bras. She even popped some temporary gym ( . Y . ) in the post. I'll need a special swimsuit too that my prostheses will fit into.

Last week , Lily, shared with me her nomination, by one of her clients, for a special outstanding service award via American express Great service quest .They have been searching all over Australia for the most outstanding service professionals. Lily was very excited last week to be advised she was a finalist - 1 of 3 in home services.

Lily's 'kind' of personal home service is very unique and special to women who have or are going through breast cancer , especially after surgery. Imagine how daunting it is to bare your scarred body in front of a stranger ... just the thought of going into a store and ask for a fitting was very emotional for me. 

There was no expectation that I blog about Lily and her services. I am due to have a home visit soon.(at my Mum's home). Firstly , because I live out west and also because they recommend you wait 6-10 after double mastectomy surgery for a proper fitting.

I can't yet share my own battle scars here.They lie across my at chest , from the base my sternum at 45 ° angle one about 17cm long , the other 15cms - extending just below and into my armpits.

Another Breast Cancer friend sent me a link to The Scar project : just to give you an idea of what we are confronted with everyday.

The SCAR Project is a shockingly raw, yet strikingly beautiful, photo series that shows a side of breast cancer we're not used to seeing: the reality."

 Lily's services are also listed on the Breast Cancer Network Australia here: