Thursday, 6 September 2012

Priscilla, Performances and Packages in the Post

I can't believe Thursday has rolled around already.

What makes me thankful today  ?

Today, our boys primary school had their biennial concert. The boys' class performed 'Happy Feet', in cute little Penguin costumes. (Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos at the Theatre but the teacher has.)

They were first up of 19 acts . Every class, including Special Education, performed their act in the local Regional Theatre Centre {$15 a ticket for parents & guests...though tickets we just purchased for another Big Band show for my Father-in-law were $75 each)

Every child was attired in magnificent costumes, performing songs from stage and movie shows. They even had a commentary box with 'David' and 'Margaret' from ABC giving a sophisticated and heartfelt critique of next act. There was enthusiastic dancing and even cartwheels across the stage ;-).

I think they saved the best act till last, "Priscilla" (sans bus)- OMG it was a sight to see. All the girls & boys (Yr5-6 I think) including their male hairy legged teacher in drag dresses , wigs, high heels and makeup. There was roars of laughter and very enthusiastic clapping at the end. I don't know how they talked the boys into it o_O.

I'm so thankful I got to attend and we could change the time of my chemo tomorrow so the boys could perform in both shows. We will drive down to Sydney early tomorrow. The timing was perfect too because I feel best of all this week.

In the post yesterday I received a package from Lily Bliss to you. They are my new memory foam 'boobs' and two soft comfy bras. Lily has helped me so much already and has changed the way I now look at myself in the mirror of my mind ...

I have a long way to go before I feel comfortable with my body again. In some way , I'd be happy to go boob-less and bra-less but there is such an expectation that I conform to the norm.

I roared with laughter yesterday at Eden's vlog, I'm sure you have no doubt seen it.Oh, the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfectly loved.

I'd actually like to skip Friday because TGIF it is not ; I don't want deal with my third chemo tomorrow.

If you are on Facebook - can you take a minute to vote for Lily -under Home services - I'd be most thankful

 Thankful Thursday

Ha-ha -I forgot to be VERY thankful that we get free babysitting tonight because the children are performing tonight from 7pm and required to be at school from 6pm to 8.30pm. We send them to school in PJ's - The theatre is in walking distance to school .

We get to go out for dinner in between ( ~ the evening show is sold out and to be fair to working parents we didn't get tickets to both shows)

The teacher is going to give them a pizza party for dinner after their performance and put them back in Pj's. We just pickup and take them home to bed - how awesome is that.