Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Let me be there ~ brought to you by J, K, L, M, N and O

Yesterday, I heard this song playing on the radio.

I was already feeling a bit emotional{: ( }after meeting an older lady with breast cancer at a Lymphodema education session. (It was not intended to be a sharing support meeting).

This lady mentioned how alone she felt and how many people had disappointed her. She spoke of the people, including her daughters who promised to accompany her the 100km /1 hour + journey (and then return) to radiation therapy (4-5 days a week for 6 weeks).She was let her down, often at last minute, because they couldn't be bothered. She said her appointments were too late for community transport.

Then the kicker , that her husband was dead and tomorrow (now today) was also the anniversary of his death. She said how hard is was to be doing it alone with no-one special by her side. The health care worker leading the session said lots of reassuring things . The lady lives 1.5 hrs away from our town and was just there for the education session.

It made me appreciate what I have in my own husband, not that I didn't - I'm just saying, MORE. I met another women aged 52yrs , 2 weeks ago, whose husband left her for a 30yr , as she started chemo. She was very angry and bitter though it was over 2yrs ago.

I admit I'm finding in lonely here because my network of in real life friends are 4-5hrs away.They are busy dealing with their own lives and problems. I miss seeing and being with them.

I don't dwell on those who let me down anymore, I cherish those who hold me up and message, email or ring or send snail cards. Some dear URL are holding me up too with a tweet or two. I appreciate that there are people being THERE for me.

Last night , as I tossed and turned laid awake in the middle of the night {insomnia is handy sometimes}, coincidentally these people and letters were spinning around ...

J ~ an old friend from Mr 19yr old's playgroup messaged me to say she was sorry she hadn't been in contact but she was praying for me. She said her hub of 25+ yrs had also left their marriage and she was finding it overwhelming. I appreciate her prayers.

K~ my very dear , school friend of 33yrs read my blog post mentioning I had absent friends. K , emailed me to make sure I wasn't writing about her. I wasn't. I am so touched she is taking time off work to come and stay with me while I have my next chemo on 17th August.

L~ a lovely friendship that started online over 3yrs ago. L has sent me lots of cards, via snail mail and cheery encouraging handmade cards from her daughters, now gracing my vision board. It's lovely to get things other than bills and junk mail in the letterbox. L has also been making chemo beanies for another lady's 100 beanie project.

M~ a long time friend and was my bridesmaid, rang or messaged so many times to check on me last week. Even a missed call made me smile !

M~ a liker from my Facebook page has been messaging me and answering questions about breast cancer treatment , as well as being very encouraging and supportive.

M ~ a URL > now IRL friendship that started in an infertility forum over 7yrs ago. M, also a blogger now, has been emailing me . It's lovely to reply in longer than 140 characters. It seems people hardly personally email much anymore either.

N ~ a supportive blogging friend I've yet to meet . N sent me a care package yesterday. Though I certainly don't expect gifts , it was lovely to receive something I needed. Now if I can just master the art of applying dark nail polish.

Wherever you go

wherever you may wander in your life

Surely I know I'll always wanna be there

Holding your hand and standing by to catch you when you fall

Seeing you through I ev'rything you do Let me be there in your morning

Let me be there in your night

Let me change whatever wrong and make it right

Let me take you through that wonderland

That I only two can share All I ask you is let me be there

Watching you grow And going though the changes in your life

That's how I know I'll always wanna be there

Whenever you feel You need a friend to lean on here I am

Whenever you call You know I'll be there

Let me be there ...

I'm not in a position to start new activities and make new friends due to appointments and treatments. I have 2 friends here, one is a breast cancer survivor but has multiple issues and lives 40mins away. The other is a new friendship.