Friday, 20 July 2012

Things I know ...

This post - the Loneliness of the dying* by Kim resonated with me and everyone would benefit by reading it . I already have absent and hiding friends. A loss I feel immensely but I know and understand it not just about me. Other people, a few unexpectedly, have embraced me in their absence.

The cat always claims knows the warmest spot.

Sometimes a teacher makes STUPID mistakes  ...who flys a KNIFE when the wind blows ? Kite was right !!
See kite corrected to KNIFE !

I am beyond excited my drain was removed today after one month , which means it is also one month since my surgery. It feels like a long time ago and yesterday; at the same time.

I love this piece of inspiration and it is going to be central to my vision board.
I just wonder how many times I'll have to listen to actually believe it ?

In less than one week I will begin the next stage of treatment ...which is described by Barbara as being doomed to months of chemotherapy, an intervention that is on a par with using a sledge hammer to swat mosquitoes. The next 16-17 months are mapped out for me and I guess I should be grateful.

Her whole article was very enlightening .

Tuesday, I'll have a heart echo to see if my heart is strong enough to withstand chemotherapy and thereafter every 3 months.

What things do you know ? 

Things I Know 150x150

*Just to clarify - I am not dying anytime soon !